Artist   Title   Format   Details
2 Live Crew, the   Me so horny   7"    
10cc   Bloody tourists   12"    
10cc   Live and let live   12"   2LP
10cc   Wall street shuffle, the   7"    
A-ha   Hunting high and low   12"    
A-ha   Living daylights, the   7"    
A-ha   Scoundrel days   12"   Punch hole
A-ha   Sun always shines on TV   12"    
ABC   Look of love, the   7"    
ABC   Poison arrow   7"    
Abdul, Paula   Straight up   7"    
Abrahma   Through the dusty paths of our lives   12"   strictly limited edition 180gr 2LP coloured vinyl (black & yellow)
Acid deathtrip   Acid deathtrip   12"    
Adam and the ants   Stand & deliver   7"    
After All   Armageddon come (EP)   12"   Split with Double Diamond - Conquer with steel (EP), limited edition picture disc (#53 of 500)
After All   Bereaved, the (EP)   7"   blue vinyl (limited edition #99 of 300)
After All   Devil's pathway, the (EP)   7"   Split with Ram - Sea of skulls (EP)
After All   Dusk (EP)   7"    
After All   Mercury rising   12"   clear vinyl (limited edition #366 of 500)
After All   No recollection   7"   Split with Patriarch - Inside, red vinyl
After All   Vermin breed, the   12"   blue vinyl (limited edition #104 of 500)
After Forever   After Forever   12"   Double LP in gatefold sleeve (imited edition #292 of 500)
After Forever   Decipher   12"   limited edition 2LP picture disc
After Forever   Decipher   12"   limited edition 2LP 180gr
After Forever   Decipher   12"   limited edition 2LP discoloured vinyl
Alan Parsons project, the   Eve   12"    
Alan Parsons project, the   Gaudi   12"    
Alan Parsons Project, the   Hyper gamma-spaces / I, robot   12"    
Alan Parsons project, the   I, Robot   12"    
Alan Parsons project, the   Tales of mystery and imagination   12"    
ALF   Stuck on earth   7"    
Alquin   Nobody can wait forever   12"    
Anderson, Jon   3 ships   12"    
Anika   Japanese boy   7"    
Anderson, Laurie   Language is a virus from outer space   12"    
Archie & Edith   Side by side   12"    
Art of Noise featuring Tom Jones   Kiss   7"    
Art of Noise with Max Headroom   Paranoimia   12"    
Artists united against apartheid   Sun city   7"    
Artists united against apartheid   Sun city   12"    
Asia   Alpha   12"    
Asia   Astra   12"    
Astley, Rick   It would take a strong man   7"    
Astley, Rick   She wants to dance with me   7"    
Astley, Rick   Take me to your heart   7"    
Astley, Rick   Together forever   7"    
Astley, Rick   Whenever you need somebody   7"    
Astley, Rick   Whenever you need somebody   12"    
Aswad   Don't turn around   7"    
Bailey, Philip   Easy lover (duet with Phil Collins)   7"    
Bananarama   Love in the first degree   7"    
Bananarama   Venus   7"    
Bangles, the   Eternal flame   7"    
Bangles, the   Hazy shade of winter   7"    
Bangles, the   Manic monday   7"    
Bangles, the   Walk like an Egyptian   7"    
Banks, Tony   Curious feeling, a   12"    
Banks, Tony   Fugitive, the   12"    
Banks, Tony   Wicked lady, the OST   12"    
Banks, Tony & Kershaw, Nik   I wanna change the score   12"   Double B-side
Barclay James Harvest   Titles   7"    
Batt, Mike   Lady of the dawn   7"    
Batt, Mike   Schizophonia   12"    
Batt, Mike and friends   Tarot suite   12"    
Batt, Mike   Waves   12"    
Bay City Rollers   I only want to be with you   7"    
Beach Boys, the   All time greatest hits   12"   2LP
Beatles, the   Rock 'n' roll music volume 1   12"    
Beck, Robin   First time   7"    
Bee Gees   Greatest   12"   2LP in 3 panel cover
Bee Gees   Stayin' alive   7"    
Bee Gees   Too much heaven   7"    
Bee Gees   Tragedy   7"    
Benatar, Pat   Love is a battlefield   7"    
Berliner Philharmoniker / Herbert von Karajan   Johannes Brahms: Ungarische Tänze   10"    
Birkin, Jane   Je t'aime... moi non plus   7"    
Black   Hey presto   12"    
Black sabbath   Paranoid   12"    
Blackmore's Rainbow   Starstruck   7"    
Blank, Judy   When the storm hits   12"    
Blank, Robert Carl   Last time I saw Dave   12"   140gr 2LP + CD
Blaze   Silicon messiah (15th anniversary edition)   12"   2LP
Blaze Bayley   Infinite entanglement   12"   2LP
Blaze Bayley   Endure and survive   12"   2LP
Blaze Bayley   The redemption of William Black   12"   2LP
Bliksem   Face the evil   12"    
Bliksem   Gruesome masterpiece   12"    
Blondie   Atomic   12"    
Blondie   Blondie 4(0)-ever: Greatest hits deluxe redux / Ghosts of download   12"   2LP + DVD
Blondie   Dreaming   7"    
Blondie   (I'm always touched by your) presence dear   7"    
Blondie   Rapture   12"    
Blondie   Sunday girl   7"    
Blondie   Sunday girl   12"    
Blondie   Union city blues   7"    
Boney M   Belfast   7"    
Boney M   Ma Baker   7"    
Boney M   Nightflight to venus   12"    
Boney M   Rivers of Babylon   7"    
Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell   Stories (special club mix)   12"    
Boney M   Take the heat off me   12"    
Boston   Boston   12"    
Bovio, Marcela   Unprecedented   12"    
Bowie, David   Absolute beginners   7"    
Bowie, David   Best of seven months in America   12"    
Bowie, David   Changes: The very best of David Bowie   12"    
Bowie, David   Let's dance   12"    
Bowie, David   Lodger   12"    
Bowie, David   Never let me down   12"    
Bowie, David   Scary monsters   12"    
Bowie, David   Stage   12"   2LP
Bowie, David   Tonight   12"    
Bowie, David   Underground (edited version)   7"    
Bowie, David & Jagger, Mick   Dancing in the street   12"    
Boy George   Everything I own   7"    
Brand X   Unorthodox behaviour   12"    
Bronski Beat   Age of consent, the   12"    
Bronski Beat   It ain't necessarily so   12"    
Bronski Beat   Smalltown boy   12"    
Brothers Johnson, the   Ain't we funkin' now   7"    
Brothers Johnson, the   Light up the night   7"    
Bruce Hornsby and the range   The way it is   7"    
Bronski Beat   Why?   7"    
Bronski Beat   Why?   12"    
Brood, Herman & His wild romance   Go nutz   12"    
Brood, Herman & His wild romance   I love you like I love myself   7"    
Brown, James   Living in America   7"   B-Side: Vince DiCola - Farewell
Brown, Sam   Stop   7"    
Buggles   I am a camera   7"    
Burning   Something is lurking in the dark c/w Killers   7"    
Bush, Kate   Dreaming, the   12"    
Bush, Kate   Kick inside, the   12"    
Bush, Kate   Lionheart   12"    
Bush, Kate   Never for ever   12"    
Bush, Kate   Whole story, the   12"    
Camel   Breathless   12"    
Camel   Camel   12"    
Camel   Nude   12"    
Camel   Pressure Points   12"    
Camel   Rain dances   12"    
Camel   Single factor, the   12"    
Camel   Snow goose, the   12"    
Cameo   Word up!   12"    
Captain Sensible   Wot!   7"    
Cara, Irene   Fame   7"    
Carnes, Kim   Draw of the cards   7"    
Cash, Johnny   Johnny Cash at San Quentin   12"    
Cash, Johnny   Johnny Cash songbook, the   12"    
Cash, Johnny and the evangel temple choir   Thing called love, a   7"    
C & C Music Factory (featuring Freedom Williams)   Gonna make you sweat (everybody dance now)   7"    
Cetera, Peter   Solitude/solitaire   12"    
Chapman, Tracy   Fast car   7"    
Cheap Trick   Heaven tonight   7"    
Cher   Bang bang (my baby shot me down)   7"    
Cherry, Neneh   Buffalo stance   7"    
Cherry, Neneh   I've got you under my skin   7"    
Cherry, Neneh   Kisses on the wind   12"    
Cherry, Neneh   Manchild   7"    
Chic   Le freak   7"    
Chic   Party everybody   7"    
Chicago   Chicago XI   12"    
Chicago   17   12"    
Clapton, Eric   Time pieces: The best of Eric Clapton   12"    
Climie Fisher   This is me   7"    
Cock Robin   s/t   12"    
Cock Robin   Thought you were on my side   7"    
Cock Robin   When your heart is weak   7"    
Cocker, Joe   20 years   12"    
Cocker, Joe   Civilized man   12"    
Cocker, Joe   Threw it away   7"    
Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Johnny Copeland   Showdown   12"    
Collins, Phil   Againts all odds   7"    
Collins, Phil   Both Sides   12"    
Collins, Phil   Face value   12"    
Collins, Phil   Hello, I must be going!   12"    
Collins, Phil   I wish it would rain down   7"    
Collins, Phil   In the air tonight ('88 remix)   7"    
Collins, Phil   Groovy kind of love, a   7"    
Collins, Phil   No jacket required   12"    
Collins, Phil   One more night   12"    
Collins, Phil   Separate lives (with Marilyn Martin)   7"    
Collins, Phil   Sussudio   12"    
Collins, Phil   Something happened on the way to heaven   7"    
Collins, Phil   Something happened on the way to heaven   12"    
Collins, Phil   That's just the way it is   12"    
Collins, Phil   You can't hurry love   12"   Double B-side
Colonel Abrams   Trapped   7"    
Commodores   Anthology   12"   2LP
Commodores   Lady (you bring me up)   7"    
Commodores   Nightshift   12"    
Commodores   Nightshift   7"    
Communards   Communards   12"    
Communards   Don't leave me this way   7"    
Communards   Don't leave me this way   12"    
Communards   Never can say goodbye   7"    
Cooper   n/t   7"   Split with Mr. Bubble B. and the coconuts
Cooper, Alice   Poison   7"    
Costello, Elvis and the Attractions   I want you   7"    
Crawford, Randy   Knockin' on heaven's door (featuring Eric Clapton and David Sanborn)   7"    
Cray, Robert   Midnight stroll   12"    
Robert Cray band, the   False accusations   12"    
Creedence Clearwater Revival featuring John Fogerty   Chronicle - The 20 greatest hits   12"   2LP
Creedence Clearwater Revival   Live in Europe   12"    
Cultura Tres   El mal del bien   12"    
Cultura Tres   La secta   12"   red and black splattered vinyl
Culture Club   Do you really want to hurt me   7"    
Culture Club   War song, the   7"    
Cure, the   Breathe   12"    
Cure, the   Close to me   7"    
D'Arby, Terence Trent   Introducing the hardline according to Terence Trent D'Arby   12"    
Dayne, Taylor   Prove your love   7"    
De La Soul   Me, myself and I   7"    
De La Soul   Say no go   7"    
DeBarge, El   Who's Johnny (Short circuit theme)   7"    
Deee-Lite   Groove is in the heart   7"    
Deep Purple   Child in time part 1 & 2   7"    
Def Leppard   Love bites   7"    
Dekker, Desmond   You can get it if you really want   7"    
Depeche Mode   Love in itself   12"    
Diamond, Jim   I should have known better   7"    
Dire Straits   Brothers in arms   12"    
Dire Straits   Love over gold   12"    
Dire Straits   Making movies   12"    
Divine   Shoot your shot   7"    
Dolce, Joe   Shaddap you face   7"   Punch hole
Donovan   Best of Donovan, the   12"   2LP
Douglas, Carl   Kung fu fighter   12"    
Drifters, the   20 greatest hits   12"    
Drs. P en het Resistentie Orkest   Romantiek voor twee   12"    
Dschingis Khan   Dschingis Khan   7"    
Dubliners   Collection   12"   3LP boxset
Duran Duran   Arena   12"    
Duran Duran   Notorious   7"    
Duran Duran   Reflex, the   7"    
Duran Duran   Save a prayer   7"    
Eagles   On the border   12"    
Eagles   Their greatest hits 1971-1975   12"    
Easton, Sheena   For your eyes only   7"    
Ekseption   Royal philharmonic orchestra   12"    
Ekseption   s/t   12"    
Electric Light Orchestra   Livin' thing   7"    
Electric Light Orchestra   Out of the blue   12"   2LP
Emerson, Lake & Palmer   Pictures at an exhibition   12"    
Enigma   Sadeness part I   7"    
Entrapment   Split with Massive Assault   7"    
Entrapment   Split with Massive Assault   7"   Clear blue vinyl
Enya   Orinoco flow   7"    
Epica   Chasing the dragon   7"   Limited edition picture disc
Erasure   Sometimes   12"    
Estefan, Gloria and Miami Sound Machine   Anything for you   12"    
Estefan, Gloria and Miami Sound Machine   Let it loose   12"    
Estefan, Gloria   Can't stay away from you   7"    
Estefan, Gloria   Cuts both ways   12"    
Estefan, Gloria   Oye mi canto (Hear my voice)   7"    
Estefan, Gloria   Here we are   7"    
E.T. explore me   s/t   7"    
Europe   Final countdown, the   12"    
Europe   Final countdown, the   12"    
Europe   Rock the night   7"    
Europe   Rock the night   12"   4 track maxi
Eurythmics   Be yourself tonight   12"    
Eurythmics   Revenge   12"    
Eurythmics   Sweet dreams (are made of this)   12"    
Eurythmics   There must be an angel   7"    
Everly brothers, the   Everly brothers, the   12"    
Everly brothers, the   Stories we could tell   12"    
Face Tomorrow   Closer we get, the   10"   2LP, white vinyl
Faith No More   Falling to pieces   7"    
Falco   Rock me Amadeus (Canadian/American '86 mix)   7"    
Farnham, John   Whispering Jack   12"    
Fats Domino   20 original hits   12"    
Feargal Sharkey   Good heart, a   7"    
Feargal Sharkey   s/t   12"   Punch hole
Feargal Sharkey   You little thief   7"    
Fine Young Cannibals   Raw & the cooked, the   12"    
Fine Young Cannibals   Suspicious minds   7"    
Flack, Roberta   Killing me softly with his song   7"    
Fleddy Melculy   Helgië   12"   LP + CD
Fleetwood Mac   Albatross   7"    
Fleetwood Mac   Little lies   7"    
Fleetwood Mac   Rumours   12"   white vinyl
Focus   Focus II   12"    
Foggo, Mark & The secret meeting   New shoes   7"    
Foreigner   Agent provocateur   12"    
Foreigner   I want to know what love is   7"    
Four tops   Reach out   12"    
Four tops   Yesterday's dreams   12"    
Frampton, Peter   Frampton comes alive   12"   2LP
Frankie Goes To Hollywood   Rage hard   12"    
Frankie Goes To Hollywood   Two tribes   7"    
Frankie Goes To Hollywood   Welcome to the pleasuredome   12"   2LP
Franklin, Aretha & Michael, George   I knew you were waiting (for me)   7"    
Gabriel, Peter   Big time   12"    
Gabriel, Peter   Biko   12"    
Gabriel, Peter   Birdy   12"   180gr 2LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #004426
Gabriel, Peter   Book of love, the   7"   B-Side: Stephen Merritt - Not one of us
Gabriel, Peter   Courage / Sagrada / Don't give up (alt version piano and bvox mix)   12"   from So (limited deluxe edition)
Gabriel, Peter   Deutsches Album III   12"    
Gabriel, Peter   Deutsches Album III   12"   180gr 2LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #002171
Gabriel, Peter   Deutsches Album IV   12"   180gr 2LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #000474
Gabriel, Peter   Don't give up   12"    
Gabriel, Peter   In your eyes   7"    
Gabriel, Peter   Interview picture disc (limited edition)   12"   Picture disc
Gabriel, Peter   Long walk home   12"   180gr 2LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #000417
Gabriel, Peter   On stage   12"   bootleg
Gabriel, Peter   Passion   12"   180gr 3LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #000277
Gabriel, Peter   Peter Gabriel I   12"   180gr 2LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #003893
Gabriel, Peter   Peter Gabriel II   12"    
Gabriel, Peter   Peter Gabriel II   12"   180gr 2LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #001638
Gabriel, Peter   Peter Gabriel III   12"   180gr 2LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #002720
Gabriel, Peter   Peter Gabriel IV   12"    
Gabriel, Peter   Peter Gabriel IV   12"   180gr 2LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #005786
Gabriel, Peter   Plays live   12"   2LP in single sleeve
Gabriel, Peter   Rated PG   12"   RSD 2019 picture disc #005842
Gabriel, Peter   Shock the monkey   7"    
Gabriel, Peter   Sledgehammer   12"   Double B-side
Gabriel, Peter   So   12"    
Gabriel, Peter   So   12"   from So (limited deluxe edition)
Gabriel, Peter   So   12"   180gr 2LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #007826
Gabriel, Peter   Us   12"   180gr 3LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #005984
Gabriel, Peter   Up   12"   180gr 3LP 45rpm half-speed remaster limited edition #05887
Gabriel, Peter   Walk through the fire   12"    
Gabriel, Peter / Various artists   Scratch my back / And I'll scratch yours   12"   180gr 2LP
Gardner, Boris   I want to wake up with you   7"    
Garfunkel, Art   Bright eyes   7"    
Garfunkel, Art   Crying in my sleep   7"    
Genesis   ...And then there were three...   12"    
Genesis   Foxtrot   12"    
Genesis   From genesis to revelation   12"   Clear vinyl
Genesis   Genesis   12"   Virgin limited edition
Genesis   Illegal alien   7"    
Genesis   Invisible touch   12"    
Genesis   In too deep   7"    
Genesis   Invisible touch   7"    
Genesis   Invisible touch (extended version)   12"    
Genesis   Lamb lies down on Broadway, the   12"   2LP
Genesis   Land of confusion   7"    
Genesis   Live   12"    
Genesis   Mama   12"    
Genesis   No reply at all   7"    
Genesis   No reply at all   12"    
Genesis   No son of mine   7"    
Genesis   Nursery cryme   12"    
Genesis   Paperlate   7"    
Genesis   Seconds out   12"   2LP
Genesis   Selling England by the pound   12"   Picture disc
Genesis   Spot the pigeon   12"   Limited edition blue vinyl, side one 33 1/3 rpm, side two 45 rpm
Genesis   Tonight, tonight, tonight   12"    
Genesis   Trespass   12"    
Genesis   Trick of the tail, a   12"    
Genesis   Turn it on again   7"    
Genesis   Wind and wuthering   12"    
Gibb, Andy   Desire   7"    
Gibb, Robin   Saved by the bell   7"    
Golden Avatar   Change of heart, a   12"    
Grand Funk Railroad   E pluribus funk   12"    
Grant, Eddy   I don't wanna dance   7"    
Greyline   Behind the masquerade   12"    
Guru Josh   Infinity   7"    
Habitants   One self   12"    
Hackett, Steve   Beyond the shrouded horizon   12"   2LP 180gr blue vinyl (limited edition #79 of 100)
Hackett, Steve   Cured   12"    
Hackett, Steve   Defector   12"    
Hackett, Steve   Doll that's made in Japan, a   7"    
Hackett, Steve   Genesis revisited II   12"   Limited edition 4LP + 2CD
Hackett, Steve   Spectral mornings   12"    
Hackett, Steve   Voyage of the acolyte   12"    
Hackett, Steve & Hackett, John   Sketches of Satie   12"   180 gr
Hall, Lani   Never say never again   7"    
Hammer, Jan   Crockett's theme   7"    
Hammer, Jan   Crockett's theme (extended mix)   12"    
Harrison, George   When we was fab   7"    
Harry, Debbie   French kissin' in the USA   7"    
Harry, Debbie   Kookoo   12"    
Hasselhoff, David   Looking for freedom   7"    
Heart   All I wanna do is make love to you   7"    
Heat, the   7"   7"    
Heat, the   Matatoro   10"   red vinyl
Heaven 17   Temptation   7"    
Herder   Fergean   12"   pink vinyl
Herder   Herder is harder   7"   #355 of 500
Herder   Horror vacui   12"   coloured vinyl
Hill, Dan   It's a long road   7"    
Hot Chocolate   20 greatest hits   12"    
Hot Chocolate   Every1's a winner (sexy remix)   12"    
Hot Chocolate   It started with a kiss   7"    
Houston, Whitney   s/t   12"    
Houston, Whitney   How will I know   7"    
Houston, Whitney   I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me)   7"    
Houston, Whitney   I'm your baby tonight   7"    
Huata   Lux initiatrix terrae   12"   2LP dark blue marbled black vinyl
Huata   Split with Bitcho   12"   Clear vinyl
Human league, the   Crash   12"    
Idol, Billy   Cradle of love   7"    
Idol, Billy   Sweet sixteen   7"    
Incinerator   Human garbage   7"    
Instant Funk   I got my mind made up (you can get it girl)   7"    
INXS   Suicide blonde   7"    
Iron Maiden   2 minutes to midnight c/w Rainbow's gold   7"    
Iron Maiden   Angel and the gambler, the   7"   strictly limited 7" picture disc
Iron Maiden   Book of souls, the   12"   3LP
Iron Maiden   Book of souls, the: Live chapter   12"   3LP
Iron Maiden   Brave new world   12"   2LP
Iron Maiden   Can I play with madness   12"    
Iron Maiden   Dance of death   12"   limited edition gatefold double vinyl picture disc
Iron Maiden   Death on the road   12"   limited edition double picture discs
Iron Maiden   Different world   7"   limited edition picture disc
Iron Maiden   En vivo!   12"   limited edition double picture disc vinyl
Iron Maiden   Fear of the dark   12"   2LP
Iron Maiden   Final frontier, the   12"   limited edition double picture disc vinyl
Iron Maiden   Flight 666   12"   limited edition picture disc
Iron Maiden   From fear to eternity   12"   limited edition collector's 3LP picture disc vinyl
Iron Maiden   In concert (BBC transcription services)   12"   bootleg
Iron Maiden   Infinite dreams   7"    
Iron Maiden   Iron maiden   12"   Limited edition heavyweight vinyl picture disc
Iron Maiden   Killers   12"    
Iron Maiden   Killers   12"   Limited edition heavyweight vinyl picture disc
Iron Maiden   Live after death   12"    
Iron Maiden   Live after death   12"   Limited edition heavyweight vinyl picture disc 2LP
Iron Maiden   Maiden England '88   12"   limited edition double picture disc vinyl
Iron Maiden   Matter of life and death, a   12"   limited edition double picture disc
Iron Maiden   No prayer for the dying   12"    
Iron Maiden   Number of the beast, the   12"    
Iron Maiden   Number of the beast, the   7"   red vinyl (limited edition)
Iron Maiden   Number of the beast, the   12"   limited edition picture disc
Iron Maiden   Number of the beast, the   12"   Limited edition heavyweight vinyl picture disc
Iron Maiden   Out of the silent planet   7"   red vinyl (limited edition #0774)
Iron Maiden   Out of the silent planet   12"   picture disc (limited edition #25221)
Iron Maiden   Piece of mind   12"    
Iron Maiden   Piece of mind   12"   Limited edition heavyweight vinyl picture disc
Iron Maiden   Powerslave   12"    
Iron Maiden   Powerslave   12"   Limited edition heavyweight vinyl picture disc
Iron Maiden   Rainmaker   7"   limited edition coloured vinyl
Iron Maiden   Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg, the   10"   limited edition clear vinyl
Iron Maiden   Rock in Rio   12"   limited edition triple vinyl picture disc
Iron Maiden   Running free (live) c/w Sanctuary (live)   7"    
Iron Maiden   Run to the hills (live) c/w Phantom of the opera (live)   7"    
Iron Maiden   Seventh son of a seventh son   12"   Limited edition heavyweight vinyl picture disc
Iron Maiden   Somewhere in time   12"    
Iron Maiden   Somewhere in time   12"   Limited edition heavyweight vinyl picture disc
Iron Maiden   Trooper, the   7"   blue vinyl (limited edition)
Iron Maiden   Trooper, the   12"   limited edition picture disc
Iron Maiden   Virtual XI   12"   2LP
Iron Maiden   Wasted years   12"    
Iron Maiden   Wildest dreams   7"   green vinyl (limited edition)
Iron Maiden   Women in uniform   12"   special live EP
Iron Maiden   X-Factor, the   12"   2LP
Izegrim   Congress of the insane   12"   orange vinyl (#19 of 500)
Izegrim   Congress of the insane   12"   black vinyl (#202 of 500)
Izegrim   Ferryman's end, the   12"   black vinyl
Izegrim   Ferryman's end, the   12"   dark blue vinyl
J. Geils band   Centerfold   7"    
Jackson 5, the   Lovely one   7"    
Jackson, Janet   Let's wait a while   12"    
Jackson, Janet   What have you done for me lately   7"    
Jackson, Janet   When I think of you   7"    
Jackson, Jermaine & Zadora, Pia   When the rain begins to fall   7"    
Jackson, Joe   Is she really going out with him? (a capella version)   7"    
Jackson, Michael   Another part of me   7"    
Jackson, Michael   Thriller   12"    
Jarre, Jean Michel   Concerts in China, the   12"   2LP
Jarre, Jean Michel   Equinoxe   12"    
Jarre, Jean Michel   In concert   12"    
Jarre, Jean Michel   Oxygene   12"    
Jarre, Jean Michel   Rendez vous   12"    
Jarre, Jean Michel   Zoolook   12"    
Jeffreys, Garland   American boy & girl   12"    
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts   I love rock 'n roll   7"    
Joel, Billy   Goodnight Saigon   7"    
Joel, Billy   We didn't start the fire   7"    
John, Elton   Bitch is back, the   7"    
John, Elton   Blue moves   12"   2LP
John, Elton   Greatest hits   12"    
John, Elton   I'm still standing   7"    
John, Elton   Ice on fire   12"    
John, Elton   Nikita   7"    
John, Elton   Too low for zero   12"    
Johnson, Don   Heartbeat   7"    
Johnson, Don   Tell it like it is   7"    
Jon and Vangelis   Friends of mr. Cairo, the   12"    
Jon and Vangelis   I hear you now   7"    
Jon and Vangelis   Short stories   12"    
Jonah's Onelinedrawing   Sketchy ep #1   10"    
Jones, Grace   Slave to the rhythm   12"    
Judas Priest   Painkiller   12"    
Journey   Don't sop believing   7"    
Kadavar   Abra kadavar   12"    
Kadavar   Berlin   12"   2LP
Kadavar   Kadavar   12"   Dark blue vinyl
Kadavar   Live in Antwerp   12"   2LP
Kajagoogoo   Too shy   7"    
Kansas   Point of know return   12"    
Kante, Mory   Yé ké yé ké   7"    
Kaoma   Dançando lambada   7"    
Kaoma   Lambada   7"    
Kayak   Last encore, the   12"    
Kayak   Merlin   12"    
Kayak   Periscope life   12"    
Kayak   Phantom of the night   12"    
Kayak   Phantom of the night   12"   Picture disc (limited edition #887 of 3000)
Kayak   Royal bed bouncer   12"    
Kayak   Royal bed bouncer   12"   Janus release / punch hole
Kayak   Starlight dancer   7"    
Kayak   Starlight dancer   12"    
Kayak   Starlight dancer   12"   Janus release
Kershaw, Nik   I won't let the sun go down on me   7"    
Kershaw, Nik   Riddle, the   7"    
Khan, Chaka   I feel for you   7"    
Khan, Chaka   I feel for you   12"    
Khan, Chaka   I'm every woman   7"    
King   Love & pride   7"    
Kingfisher Sky   Hallway of dreams   12"   Limited edition #150 of 500, includes 7" blue vinyl bonus disc
KLF, the   Justified & ancient   7"    
Knight, Gladys   License to kill   7"    
Knopfler, Mark   Cal (Music from the film)   12"    
Knopfler, Mark   Going home: Theme of the Local hero (long version)   7"    
Knopfler, Mark   Local hero   12"    
Komatsu   New horizon, a   12"    
Kool & The Gang   Cherish   7"    
Kool & The Gang   Fresh   7"    
Kool & The Gang   Get down on it   7"    
Kooten, van & Bie, de   Eerste langspeelplaat van het Simplisties Verbond, de   12"    
Kooten, van & Bie, de   Hengstenbal (De derde langspeelplaat van het Simplisties Verbond)   12"    
Kooten, van & Bie, de   Mooie meneren   12"    
Kreator   Dying alive   12"   2LP 180gr golden vinyl (limited edition #219 of 250)
Kreator   From flood into fire (live)   7"   Split with Legion of the damned - Summon all hate
Kreator   Phantom antichrist   12"   Yellow vinyl (2LP)
La Belle, Patti   Release   7"    
La Belle, Patti and McDonald, Michael   On my own   7"    
Lauper, Cindy   She bop     7"
Lauper, Cindy   True colors   12"    
Lear, Amanda   Follow me   12"    
Lear, Amanda   Sweet revenge   12"    
Leer, Thijs van   Introspection 1 & 2   12"   2LP
Leer, Thijs van   Introspection 2   12"    
Leer, Thijs van   Introspection 3   12"    
Lennon, John   Imagine   7"    
Lennox, Annie & Green, Al   Put a little love in your heart   7"    
Lennox, Annie & Green, Al   Put a little love in your heart   7"   sleeve with center hole
Lewis, Huey and the news   Hip to be square   7"    
Lindemann   Skills in pills   12"    
Lipps inc.   Funkytown   7"    
Little Richard   Little Richard's greatest hits (recorded live)   12"    
Living In A Box   Blow the house down   7"    
Living In A Box   Living in a box   7"    
Londonbeat   9   7"    
Londonbeat   I've been thinking about you   7"    
Lushus   Big fat man   7"    
Lynott, Philip   King's call   7"    
M   Pop muzik   7"    
Madness   7   12"    
Madness   Absolutely   12"    
Madness   One step beyond...   12"    
Madness   Shut up   7"    
Madonna   Holiday   7"    
Madonna   Borderline   7"    
Madonna   Causing a commotion   7"    
Madonna   Crazy for you   7"    
Madonna   Dear Jessie   7"    
Madonna   Dress you up   7"    
Madonna   Express yourself   7"    
Madonna   Gambler   7"    
Madonna   Holiday   7"    
Madonna   Into the groove   7"    
Madonna   Isla bonita, la   7"    
Madonna   Like a prayer   7"    
Madonna   Like a prayer   12"    
Madonna   Like a virgin   7"    
Madonna   Live to tell   7"    
Madonna   Look of love, the   7"    
Madonna   Material girl   7"    
Madonna   Open your heart   7"    
Madonna   Papa don't preach   7"    
Madonna   Rescue me   7"    
Madonna   True blue   7"    
Madonna   True blue   12"    
Madonna   Vogue   7"    
Madonna   Who's that girl   7"    
Mano Negra   King Kong five   7"    
Marche Funèbre   Capital of rain   7"   Split with A Thousand Sufferings - My temple, my prison
Marche Funèbre   Into the arms of darkness   12"   2LP
Marche Funèbre   Lost   7"   Limited edition #16 of 100
Marie, Kelly   Feels like I'm in love   7"    
Marillion   Incommunicado   7"    
Bob Marley and the Wailers   Live   12"    
Marx, Richard   Right here waiting   7"    
Massive Assault   Dystopian prophecies   12"   Red vinyl
Maxi Priest   Wild wild world   7"    
MC Hammer   Please Hammer don't hurt 'em   12"    
MC Hammer   U can't touch this   7"    
McCartney, Paul   Choba b CCCP (live in the USSR)   12"   Melodia pressing
McCartney, Paul   Ebony and ivory (additional vocals by Stevie Wonder)   7"    
McFerrin, Bobby   Don't worry, be happy   7"    
McFerrin, Bobby   Simple pleasures   12"    
McKee, Maria   Show me heaven   7"    
Meat Loaf   Bat out of hell   12"    
Meat Loaf   Modern girl   12"    
Midley, Bill & Warnes, Jennifer   (I've had) the time of my life   7"    
Mel & Kim   Respectable   7"    
Miami Sound Machine   Conga!   7"    
Miami Sound Machine   Dr. Beat   7"    
Miami Sound Machine   Primitive love   12"    
Michael, George   Different corner, a   7"    
Michael, George   Faith   7"    
Michael, George   I want your sex   7"    
Midnight Oil   Beds are burning   7"    
Steve Miller Band   Fly like an eagle   12"    
Steve Miller Band   Joker, the   7"    
Modern Talking   Atlantis is calling (s.o.s. for love)   7"    
Modern Talking   Cheri, cheri lady   7"    
Moody Blues, the   Caught live + 5   12"   2LP with punch hole
Moody Blues, the   Out of this world   12"    
Moody Blues, the   Songs in white satin   12"   2LP
Moody Blues, the   Question of balance   12"    
Moore, Gary   Still got the blues for you   7"    
Moore, Gary & Lynott, Phil   Out in the fields   7"    
Morricone, Ennio   Het gebeurde in het westen (Once upon a time in the west)   12"    
Morricone, Ennio   Music from the original sound tracks of "A fistful of dollars" & "For a few dollars more"   12"    
Morricone, Ennio   My name is nobody OST   12"    
Morricone, Ennio   Pour une poignee de dollars   12"    
Morricone, Ennio   Zijn grootste successen   12"   2LP
Morrison, Van   Enlightenment   12"    
Morrison, Van   Avalon sunset   12"    
Moyet, Alison   Alf   12"    
Mr. Mister   Welcome to the real world   12"    
Musical Youth   Pass the dutchie   7"    
Musical Youth   Pass the dutchie   12"    
Musical Youth   Youth of today   7"    
New Order   Blue monday   7"    
New Order   Blue monday   12"    
Newton-Johh, Olivia / Electric Light Orchestra   Xanadu   7"    
Nuclear devastation   Inferno   12"   Coloured vinyl
O'Connor, Sinead   Nothing compares 2 U   7"    
Ocean, Billy   Calypso crazy   7"    
Ocean, Billy   Get outta my dreams, get into my car   7"    
Ocean, Billy   Loverboy   12"    
Ocean, Billy   Tear down these walls   12"    
Ocean, Billy   When the going gets tough, the tough get going   7"    
Officium Triste   Ne vivam   12"    
Oldfield, Mike   Ommadawn   12"    
Oldfield, Mike   Tubular bells   12"    
Oldfield, Sally   Femme   12"    
Orbison, Roy   All-time greatest hits of, the   12"   2LP
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark   Architecture & morality   12"    
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark   (Forever) live and die   7"    
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark   Maid of Orleans   7"    
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark   Pacific age, the   12"    
Ortega   Flame never rises on its own, a   12"    
Ortega   Sacred states   12"   Splattered colour 2LP
Ortega   Serpent stirs, the   12"   Clear vinyl with embedded artwork
Overkill   Man in black   7"   Split with Kreator - Warrior heart
Parker jr, Ray   Ghostbusters   7"    
Parker jr, Ray   I don't think that man should sleep alone   7"    
Parker jr, Ray   Sex and the single man   12"    
Pé Daalemmer & Rooie Rinus   Op verziede in Waskemeer!   12"    
Pendejo   Atacames   12"    
Pendejo   Cantos a la vida   12"    
Pendejo   Sin vergüenza   12"   White vinyl
Pet Shop Boys   Behaviour   12"    
Pet Shop Boys   Heart   7"    
Pet Shop Boys   It's a sin   7"    
Pet Shop Boys   Introspective   12"    
Pet Shop Boys   Suburbia   7"    
Ph.D   I won't let you down   7"    
Ph.D.   Ph.D.   12"    
Phillips, Anthony   Wise after the event   12"   Punch hole
Pigbag   Big bean, the   12"    
PIL   This is not a love song   7"    
Pink Floyd   Another brick in the wall part II   7"    
Pink Floyd   Wish you were here   12"    
Plastic Bertrand   Ça plane pour moi   7"    
Plastic Bertrand   Chat   7"    
Pointer Sisters   Fire   7"    
Pointer Sisters   Slow hand   7"    
Poison   Every rose has its thorn   7"    
Poison   Unskinny bop   7"    
Poledouris, Basil   Robocop OST   12"    
Police, the   Reggatta de blanc   12"    
Powell, Cozy   Dance with the devil   7"    
Pretenders, the   Get close   12"    
Prince   Alphabet st.   7"    
Prince   Batman   12"    
Prince   Prince   12"    
Prince   When doves cry   7"    
Prince and the Revolution   Around the world in a day   12"    
Prince and the Revolution   Parade   12"    
Prince and the Revolution   Purple rain   12"    
Pure Graft   Casual labour   12"   one sided screen printed vinyl
Purest of Pain   Solipsis   12"   white vinyl (limited edition #20 of 100)
Quatro, Suzi   Quatro   12"    
Queen   Bicycle race   7"    
Queen   Crazy little thing called love   7"    
Queen   Golden collection vol. 1   12"   A day at the races / Jazz in single sleeve, punch holes on inner sleeves only
Queen   Golden collection vol. 2   12"   Hot space / The game in single sleeve
Queen   Invisible man, the   7"    
Queen   Kind of magic,a (extended version)   12"    
Queen   Grootste hits (Greatest hits)   12"    
Racey   Some girls   7"    
Rafferty, Gerry   City to city   12"    
Raw Flowers   Raw flowers   12"   #40 of 300, including tote bag
Rea, Chris   On the beach   12"    
Rea, Chris   Road to hell, the   12"    
Rea, Chris   Whatever happened to Benny Santini?   12"    
Reed, Lou   New York   12"    
R.E.M.   Unplugged 1991   12"   2LP
REO Speedwagon   Don't let him go   7"    
Richard, Cliff and the Young Ones   Living doll   7"    
Richie, Lionel   Dancing on the ceiling   12"    
Ridgway, Stan   Camouflage   7"    
Robertson, Robbie   Somewhere down the crazy river   7"    
Rolling stones   Paint it black   7"    
Rolling stones   Some girls   12"    
Ross, Diana   Diana   12"    
Ross, Diana   Upside down   7"    
Ross, Diana   Why do fools fall in love   7"    
Roxette   It must have been love   7"    
Roxette   Joyride   7"    
Roxette   Listen to your heart   7"    
Roxette   Look sharp!   12"    
Roxette   Look, the   7"    
Run DMC   Walk this way   7"    
Rush, Jennifer   Power of love, the (orchestral remix)   7"    
Rutherford, Mike   Acting very strange   12"   Punch hole
Rutherford, Mike   Smallcreep's day   12"    
Ryan, Barry   Eloise   7"    
Sade   Diamond life   12"    
Saille   Eldritch   12"   2LP
Sakamoto, Ryuichi   Merry christmas mr. Lawrence OST   12"    
Sandra   (I'll never be) Maria Magdalena   7"    
Salt-n-Pepa   Push it   7"    
Salt-n-Pepa   Push it (remix)   7"    
Salt-n-Pepa   Shake your thang (featuring E.U.)   7"    
Sardonis   II   12"    
Sardonis   To the barn   7"   Split with Tank 86 - Horde
Savn   Savn   12"   Picture disc
Scorpions   Still loving you   7"    
Sembello, Michael   Maniac   7"    
Sexton Creeps   Alex hotel   12"   white vinyl
Sexton Creeps   Lesbian skies   12"    
Sexton Creeps   Sour acre, the   12"   #56 of 250
Shakatak   Down on the street   7"    
Shakin' Stevens   I might   7"    
Sheila E   Love bizarre, a   7"    
Sheila E   Glamorous life, the   7"    
Siffre, Labi   Nothing's gonna change   7"    
Siffre, Labi   So strong   7"    
Simón   Inner traveller, the   12"   Red/black coloured vinyl 2LP, limited to 300 copies
Simon, Paul   Graceland   12"    
Simon, Paul   s/t   12"    
Simon & Garfunkel   Bridge over troubled water   12"    
Simon & Garfunkel   Concert in Central Park, the   12"   2LP
Simone, Nina   Ain't got no - I got life   7"    
Simone, Nina   My baby just cares for me   7"    
Simple Minds   Alive & kicking   7"    
Simple Minds   Ghostdancing   7"    
Simple Minds   Promised you a miracle   7"    
Simply Red   Holding back the years   7"    
Sister Sledge   We are family   7"    
Skeptical Minds   Living in a movie   12"   Limited edition LP + CD (#58 of 300)
Sky   Sky 2   12"   2LP
Sledge, Percy   My special prayer   7"    
Sledge, Percy   When a man loves...   12"    
Sly Fox   Let's go all the way   7"    
Snap!   Power, the   7"    
Snowmaker   Snowmaker   7"    
Soul II Soul   Back to life (however do you want me)   7"    
Soulsister   Way to your heart, the   7"    
Spandau Ballet   Singles collection, the   12"    
Spandau Ballet   True   7"    
Spandau Ballet   True   12"    
Spinners, the   Split decision   7"    
Spinners, the   Working my way back to you   12"    
Springsteen, Bruce   Dancing in the dark   12"    
Springsteen, Bruce   Darkness on the edge of town   12"    
Springsteen, Bruce   Human touch   7"    
Springsteen, Bruce   One step up   7"    
Springsteen, Bruce   Rockin' live from Italy 1983   12"    
Springsteen, Bruce   Tunnel of love   12"    
Springsteen, Bruce   Wild, the innocent & the E-Street shuffle, the   12"    
Springsteen, Bruce & the E street band   War   7"    
Squackett   Sea of smiles (single edit)   7"   Record store day release
Starship   Nothing's gonna stop us now   12"    
Status Quo   3LP boxset (unknown name)   12"   Circular blue tin (Pro BX 1)
Status Quo   Lies   7"    
Steeleye Span   All around my hat   12"    
Steeleye Span   Rocket cottage   12"    
Steppenwolf   Born to be wild   7"    
Steppenwolf   For ladies only   12"    
Stevens, Cat   Greatest hits   12"    
Stevens, Cat   Teaser and the firecat   12"    
Stewart, Al   Year of the cat, the   12"    
Stewart, David A. featuring Candy Dulfer   Lily was here   7"    
Stewart, Rod   Maggie May   12"    
Stewart, Rod   Sailing   7"    
Stewart, Rod   Tonight I'm yours   7"    
Sting   Dream of the blue turtle, the   12"    
Sting   ...Nothing like the sun   12"   2LP set in single sleeve
Sting   Russians   7"    
Sting   We'll be together   12"    
Styx   The grand illusion   12"    
Suffering Quota   Split with Grinding Halt   7"    
Suffering Quota   Suffering Quota   12"   Die hard package with cassette and t-shirt, limited to 50 copies
Summer, Donna   Bad girls   7"    
Summer, Donna   Can't we just sit down (and talk it over)   7"    
Supertramp   Give a little bit   7"    
Sylvester   I who have nothing   12"    
T'Pau   China in your hand   7"    
Talking Heads   And she was   7"    
Talking Heads   Live Chicago, august 28, 1978   12"   Bootleg
Talking Heads   More songs about buildings and food   12"    
Talking Heads   Slippery people   7"    
Talking Heads   Slippery people   12"    
Talking Heads   Stop making sense   12"    
Talk Talk   It's my life   12"    
Talk Talk   Living in another world (U.S. remix)   12"    
Tavares   Heaven must be missing an angel part 1 & 2   7"    
Tears for Fears   Hurting, the   12"    
Tears for Fears   Shout (remix version)   12"    
Tears for Fears   Songs from the big chair   12"    
Tears for Fears   Sowing the seeds of love   7"    
Teethgrinder   Hellbound   7"   Clear splatter vinyl, limited to 500 copies
Temple of the Absurd   Mother, creator, god   12"   2LP set in single sleeve
Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan   Peculiar friends   12"    
Tex, Joe   Ain't gonna bump no more (with no bit fat woman)   7"    
Tex, Joe   Loose caboose   7"    
Therapy?   Die laughing   12"   David Holmes remixes
Therapy?   Die laughing   12"   DJ promo
Therapy?   Die laughing   7"   Limited edition red vinyl
Therapy?   Opal mantra   7"   Light blue vinyl
Therapy?   Trigger inside   12"   Remixes by Joey Beltram (Trigger inside) and The sabres of paradise (Nowhere)
Thompson Twins   Doctor! Doctor!   7"    
Thompson Twins   You take me up   7"    
Three Degrees   Dirty ol' man   7"    
Three Dog Night   Pieces of april   7"    
Tikaram, Tanita   Ancient heart   12"    
Timelords, the   Doctorin' the Tardis   7"    
Tom Tom Club, the   Wordy rappinghood   12"    
Tone-Loc   Wild thing   7"    
Toto   Dune OST   12"   180gr
Toto   I'll be over you   7"    
Toto   Rosanna   7"    
Toto   Stop loving you   7"    
Townshend, Pete   Face the face   7"    
Toyah   Anthem   12"    
Toyah   Blue meaning, the   12"    
Toyah   Rebel run   7"    
Travolta, John   Sandy   7"   Limited edition clear vinyl
Travolta, John & Newton-John, Olivia   You're the one that I want   7"    
Trip To Dover   Fade into gold   12"   #164 of 500
Turner, Ike & Tina   River deep ~ mountain high   12"    
Turner, Tina   Break every rule   12"    
Turner, Tina   Tina live in Europe   12"   2LP
Turner, Tina   Private dancer   12"    
Turner, Tina   The best   7"    
Turner, Tina   Tonight (live) (with David Bowie)   7"    
Turner, Tina   We don't need another hero (Thunderdome)   7"    
U2   Under a blood red sky   12"    
U2   Unforgettable fire, the   12"    
U2   War   12"    
UB40   Live   12"    
Ultha   The inextricable wandering   12"   2LP limited edition golden vinyl
Ultravox   Vienna   12"    
Urbanus   Donders en bliksems   12"    
Urbanus   In 't echt   12"   2LP
Urbanus   Is er toevallig een Urbanus in de zaal?   12"    
Urbanus van Anus   Op de vijver / in de wei   12"    
Urbanus van Anus   Scratching zwaantjes, the   7"    
Urbanus van Anus   Urbanus' plezantste   12"   2LP
Urbanus van Anus   Volle maan   12"    
Uriah Heep   Look at yourself   12"    
Valens, Richie   Donna   7"    
Valli, Frankie   Grease   7"    
Vandenberg   Heading for a storm   12"    
Vangelis   Chariots of fire - Music from the original soundtrack   12"    
Vangelis   China   12"    
Vanilla Ice   Play that funky music   7"    
Vanity 6   Nasty girl   7"    
Various artists   Against all odds OST   12"   Punch hole
Various artists   Beste uit de top 40 van het jaar '85, het   12"   2LP
Various artists   Beste uit de top 40 van het jaar '87, het   12"   2LP
Various artists   Beverly Hills cop OST   12"    
Various artists   Biotape   12"   Green and red 2LP (#72 of 120)
Various artists   Blues brothers, the OST   12"    
Various artists   Buster OST   12"    
Various artists   Conspiracy of hope   12"    
Various artists   Dance classics 3   12"   2LP
Various artists   Disco mix club july 86   12"    
Various artists   For your eyes only OST   12"    
Various artists   Footloose OST   12"    
Various artists   Graduate, the OST   12"    
Various artists   Hitkrant: 16 harde van Lagarde   12"    
Various artists   Hits album, the   12"   2LP
Various artists   Hits 5: The album   12"   2LP
Various artists   Hits 9   12"   2LP
Various artists   Howard the duck OST   12"   Punch hole
Various artists   Jewel of the nile, the OST   12"    
Various artists   Lily was here OST   12"    
Various artists   Long hot rock summer   7"   promotional copy
Various artists   The living daylights OST   12"    
Various artists   Times square OST   12"   2LP
Various artists   Magic of...comedy, the   12"    
Various artists   Miami vice   12"    
Various artists   Miami vice II   12"    
Various artists   Mix promo   12"   From Brazil, released through CBS
Various artists   Now that's what I call music 4   12"   2LP
Various artists   Now this is music   12"   2LP
Various artists   Now this is music 3   12"   2LP
Various artists   Now this is music 7   12"   2LP
Various artists   Now this is music 8   12"   2LP
Various artists   Now this is music 11   12"    
Various artists   One more night - 28 exclusive popsongs   12"   2LP
Various artists   Onedin line en andere melodieën van bekende televisie-series   12"    
Various artists   Over the top OST   12"    
Various artists   Pop ballads   12"   2LP in single sleeve
Various artists   Rock album   12"   2LP
Various artists   The Rocky horror picture show OST   12"    
Various artists   Saturday night fever OST   12"   2LP
Various artists   Songs of today, the   12"   2LP
Various artists   Thunderball OST   12"   punch hole
Various artists   Top gun OST   12"    
Various artists   Top hits 83   12"   2LP
Various artists   Top hits 88   12"   2LP
Various artists   Top hits of the year   12"   2LP
Various artists   Two rooms: Celebrating the songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin   12"   2LP in single sleeve
Various artists   Warm aanbevolen (Platen 10daagse 1988)   12"    
Various artists   Zing je moerstaal   12"    
Various artists   Do they know it's christmas?   7"    
Various artists   Let it be (ferry aid)   7"    
Various artists   We are the world   12"    
Vaya con dios   What's a woman?   7"    
Veen, Herman van   Anne   12"    
Veen, Herman van   Iets van een clown   12"    
Veen, Herman van   Overblijven   12"   2LP
Veen, Herman van   Signalen   12"    
Veen, Herman van   Wisselaars, de   12"    
Veen, Herman van   Zo leren kijken   12"    
Vetrar Draugurinn   I (One)   12"   limited edition #167 of 300
Viberider   Split for Michigan   10"   Re-recording
Vikings in Tibet   Alchemy ave.   12"    
Village People   Can't stop the music OST   12"    
Village People   Cruisin'   12"    
Village People   Go west   7"    
Village People   Go west   12"    
Village People   In Hollywood (everybody is a star)   7"    
Village People   YMCA   7"   Casablanca records and filmworks release
Village People   YMCA   7"   Philips release
Wakeman, Rick   Rhapsodies   12"   2LP
Wakeman, Rick   Journey to the centre of the earth   12"    
Wang Chung   Everybody have fun tonight   7"    
Warlock   Triumph and agony (limited edition)   12"    
Warlock   True as steel   12"    
Watson, Johnny Guitar   It's a damn shame   7"    
Wayne, Jeff   Eve of the war, the   7"    
Weather Girls, the   Success   12"    
Wee Papa girl rappers, the   Wee rule   7"    
Werner, Max   Rainbows end   12"    
Werner, Max   Seasons   12"    
Werner, Max   Rain in may (remix)   12"    
Wham!   Freedom   7"    
Whitesnake   Is this love   12"    
Wilde, Kim   Cambodia   7"    
Wilde, Kim   Chequered love   7"    
Wilder, Matthew   Break my stride   7"    
Williams, Deniece   Let's hear it for the boy   7"    
Windhand   Soma   12"   2LP, red vinyl
Wings   Mull of Kintyre   7"    
Withers, Bill   Ain't no sunshine (the eclipse mix - remixed by Ben Liebrand)   7"    
Within temptation   Mother earth   12"   Green picture disc
Wolfsbane   All hell's breaking loose down at little Kathy Wilson's place (EP)   12"    
Womack & Womack   Teardrop   7"    
Wonder, Stevie   I just called to say I love you   7"    
Wonder, Stevie   In square circle   12"    
Wonder, Stevie   Journey through the secret life of plants   12"   2LP in triple gatefold with punch hole
Wonder, Stevie   Songs in the key of life   12"   Collector's album including bonus 7"
Wounded, the   Sunset   12"   limited edition gatefold clear/gold double vinyl #97 of 200
Yazoo   Upstairs at Eric's   12"    
Yazz and the Plastic Population   Only way is up, the   7"    
Yazz   Stand up for your love rights   7"    
Yello   Race, the   7"    
Yello   Vicious games   7"    
Yes   90125   12"    
Yes   Classic Yes   12"    
Yes   Close to the edge   12"    
Yes   Fragile   12"    
Yes   Going for the one   12"   Fold out cover
Yes   Time and a word   12"    
Yes   Tormato   12"    
Yes   Yes album, the   12"    
Yes   Yessongs   12"   3LP
Young, Neil   Harvest   12"    
Young, Paul   I'm gonna tear your playhouse down   7"    
Young, Paul   No parlez   12"    
ZZ Top   Eliminator   12"    

Breakdown by vinyl size:

Format   Count
7"   421
10"   6
12"   565
Total   992