Title   Format   Details
Ace Ventura - Pet detective   PAL    
Akira   PAL   Dubbed
Akira production report   PAL    
Armour of God   PAL   Dubbed
Avonturen van rabbi Jacob, de   PAL    
Bad lieutenant   PAL    
Bad boys   PAL    
Barefoot kid, the   PAL    
Basic instinct   PAL    
Better tomorrow, a   PAL    
Better tomorrow II, a   PAL    
Better tomorrow III, a   PAL    
Big boss, the   PAL   Dubbed
Brain damage   PAL    
Bullet in the head   PAL    
Bullet in the head   PAL   Dubbed
Cellar, the   PAL    
China O'Brien   PAL    
Chinese ghost story, a   PAL    
City war   PAL    
Clapton, Eric: On whistle test   PAL    
Close encounters of the third kind   PAL    
Comic relief - (I want to be) elected   PAL    
Cook, the thief, his wife and her lover, the   PAL    
City of industry   PAL    
Crawlspace   PAL    
Cry baby   PAL    
Dark secrets of the Simpsons, the   PAL    
Deep star six   PAL    
Devil's own, the   PAL    
Dirty rotten scoundrels   PAL    
Drunken master   PAL    
Empire strikes back, the (special edition)   PAL    
Evil dead, the / Evil dead II   PAL   Limited edition
Few good men, a   PAL    
First mission   PAL   Dubbed
From dusk till dawn   PAL    
Full contact   PAL    
Gabriel, Peter - All about us   PAL    
Gabriel, Peter - C.V.   PAL    
Gabriel, Peter - P.O.V.   PAL    
Gabriel, Peter - Secret world live   PAL    
Genesis - History, a   PAL    
Genesis - Invisible touch tour   PAL   incl. special limited edition CD single
Genesis - Live: The mama tour   PAL    
Genesis - Live: The way we walk   PAL    
Genesis - Three sides live   PAL    
Genesis - Videos volume 1   PAL    
Genesis - Videos volume 2   PAL    
Genesis - Visible touch   PAL    
God of gamblers   PAL    
Golden years   PAL    
Graaf Duckula: De Egyptische saxofoon   PAL   Dubbed
Hackett, Steve - Tokyo tapes, the   PAL    
Hard boiled   PAL    
Heroic trio, the   PAL    
Heroic trio II, the - Executioners   PAL    
How to irritate people   PAL    
Iceman cometh, the   PAL    
Indiana Jones collection   PAL    
Iron Maiden - Rock in Rio   PAL    
Jekkers, Harrie: Het geheim van de lachende piccolo   PAL    
Just heroes   PAL    
Killer, the   PAL    
Last man standing   PAL    
Leon   PAL    
Leprechaun 2   PAL    
Life stinks   PAL   ex-rental
Lord of illusions   PAL    
Mike & the mechanics - Hits   PAL    
Moon warriors   PAL    
My bautiful laundrette   PAL    
My lucky stars   PAL   Dubbed
Oblong box, the   PAL    
Once a thief   PAL    
Peter's friends   PAL    
Police story   PAL    
Police story   PAL   Dubbed
Princess bride, the   NTSC    
Prison on fire   PAL    
Project A   PAL   Dubbed
Pulp fiction   PAL    
Queen: Magic years vol. 1 - The foundations   PAL    
Queen: Magic years vol. 2 - Live killers in the making   PAL    
Queen: Magic years vol. 3 - Crowned in glory   PAL    
Queen: Greatest flix   PAL    
Queen: We will rock you   PAL    
Re-animator   PAL    
Reservoir dogs   PAL    
Roujin Z   PAL   Dubbed
Rumble in the Bronx   PAL    
Saviour of the soul   PAL    
Species   PAL    
Star trek I - Motion picture, the   PAL    
Star trek III - Search for Spock, the   PAL    
Star trek IV - Voyage home, the   PAL    
Star trek V - Final frontier, the   PAL    
Star trek VI - Undiscovered country, the   PAL    
Star Trek - City on the edge of forever, the   NTSC   from 'Star Trek: Judgment rites' limited cd-rom collector's edition (#58905 of 75000)
Star trek - Generations   PAL    
Star wars episode I - Phantom menace, the   NTSC   Limited edition
Star wars episode II - Attack of the clones   PAL    
Star wars episode IV - New hope, a   PAL    
Star wars episode V - Empire strikes back, the   PAL    
Star wars episode VI - Return of the Jedi, the   PAL    
Star wars trilogy   PAL   Special new edition (full frame)
Star wars trilogy   PAL   Special new edition (widescreen)
Striking distance   PAL    
Tiger on the beat   PAL    
Tomorrow never dies   PAL   Collector's limited edition (#110 of 1000)
Turning, the   PAL    
Twin dragons   PAL   Dubbed
Unauthorised star wars story, the   PAL    
Vier vuisten in het kwadraat   PAL    
Visscher, Bert: Voor ons hoeft het niet   PAL    
Warriors two   PAL    
Wheels on meals   PAL   Dubbed
X-files, the - Biogenesis   PAL    
X-files, the - Dreamland   PAL    
X-files, the - Emily   PAL    
X-files, the - End, the   PAL    
X-files, the - One son   PAL    
X-files, the - Patient x   PAL    
X-files, the - Redux   PAL    
X-files, the - Season 1   PAL    
X-files, the - Season 2   PAL    
X-files, the - Season 3   PAL    
X-files, the - Season 4   PAL    
X-files, the - Season 5   PAL    
X-files, the - Season 6   PAL    
X-files, the - Secrets of the x-files   PAL    
X-files, the - Unopened file, the   PAL    
X-files movie, the   PAL   Special edition

Format   Count
NTSC   3
PAL   130
Total   133