Artist   Title   Details
3((0)),((0))((0))((0)) M((o)nkies   Watch the dr((o))ne   Tartarus Records mystery cassette
Abstracter   Cinereous incarnate    
Amenra   Afterlife box    
Amenra   Discography box   2nd edition
Amenra   Alive    
Amenra   Mass VI    
Asrai   So clear that you couldn't tell where the water ended and the air began    
Bad Company   Run with the pack    
Bee Gees, the   Massachusetts    
Bell Witch   Longing   Clear with blue metallic liner cassette
Bell Witch   Four phantoms   Orange cassette
Bell Witch   Mirror reaper   Red cassette
Bell Witch   Demo 2011   White cassette
Bismuth   Slow dying of the Great Barrier reef, the    
Bitcho   Toybox   Black cassette
Bitcho   Toybox   Clear cassette
Boney M   Love for sale    
Braxton, Toni   Secrets    
Burning   P.I.D. files, the   No. 46 of 50
Johnny Cash   18 Legendary performances    
Johnny Cash   Tape 1    
Chvu   Rasa   2nd pressing
Robert Cray band, the   Who's been talking    
Robert Cray band, the   Don't be afraid of the dark    
Dodecahedron   Live in Leiden 2017    
Bob Dylan   Greatest hits    
Eight Bells   Landless    
Electric Light Orchestra   Ole ELO    
Entrapment   Putrefying stench of death sessions    
Entrapment   Crawling morbidity    
Ethereal riffian   Aeonian    
Ferenzik   Wild man of Borneo    
Fistula   Longing for infection    
Flack, Roberta   First time ever I saw your face, the    
Fugitive, a   Coincidence    
Gabriel, Peter   Peter Gabriel III   Artwork differs from CD and vinyl releases
Gabriel, Peter   Plays live vol. 1    
Gabriel, Peter   Passion    
Gabriel, Peter   Us    
GGU:LL   Dwaling    
Grizzlyman   S/T    
Haley, Bill   Rock around the clock    
Huata   Atavist of mann   Gold cassette
Huata   Lux initiatrix terrae   Dark blue cassette
Hundred black kites, a   Arrow of time    
Inter arma   Sky burial    
Inter arma   Cavern, the    
Inter arma   Paradise gallows    
Iron Maiden   Killers   B side includes single B-sides
Iron Maiden   The number of the beast   B side includes single B-sides
Iron Maiden   Piece of mind   B side includes single B-sides
Iron Maiden   Powerslave   B side includes single B-sides
Iron Maiden   Seventh son of a seventh son   B side includes single B-sides
Isegrim   Most evil demo    
Little Richard   Whole lotta' shakin'    
Mathis, Johnny   Let there be love    
Michael Jackson   Thriller    
Michael Jackson   Bad    
King Gizzard and the lizard wizard   Polygondwanaland   Brick red cassette
Lizzard Wizzard   Lizzard wizzard   No. 75 of 150
Madonna   True blue   no inlay
Eye of Solitude / Marche Funčbre   Split    
Megalodoom   Tectonic oblivion    
Menhir   Hiding in light   Black/gold rubber casing
Meth Drinker / Moloch   Split    
Moloch   Possession    
Moloch   Bad place, a    
O'Neal, Alexander   All true man    
Nuclear Devastation   Visions of fear   No. 45 of 50
Onhou   s/t   Light blue cassette
Ortega   Crows    
Ortega   Sacred states    
Palace of Worms / Ecferus   Split    
Pandora's box   Original sin    
Ray Parker jr.   Chartbusters    
Paramnesia / Ultha   Split    
Pink Floyd   The wall   "dbx" system
Primitive Man   P//M   second press
Primitive Man   Steel casket   second press
Reed, Lou   Lou Reed live: Take no prisoners   Only cassette 1 of 2
Reed, Lou   Pop classics    
Ross, Diana   Diana's duets    
Sledge, Percy   When a man loves...    
Suffering Quota   Suffering quota    
Suma   Order of things, the    
Telepathy   12 areas    
Throane   Plus une main a mordre    
Toner low   s/t   Orange amp coloured cassette
Toner low   II    
Toner low   III    
Ultha   Pain cleanses every doubt    
Ultha   Dismal ruins    
Ultha   Converging sins    
Ultha   Rehearsal demos MMXIV / MMXV    
Ūngrūn   Demo 2019    
Various artists   14 hits in one    
Various artists   Forever out of control (a Tartarus mixtape)    
Various artists   Hot summer night    
Various artists   Movie mania    
Various artists   Toy story: Originele Nederlandse soundtrack    
Venus Sleeps   Dead sun worship    
Video Kids   Invasion of the spacepeckers    
Village people, the   Live & sleazy    
Vortex   The lost tapes vol. 1    
Wolfsbane   All hell's breaking loose at little Kathy Wilsons place   Both sides contain entire EP
Wolfsbane   Live fast die fast    
Wonder, Stevie   Innervisions   no inlay

Total: 107 tapes