With my collection of Konami ROM cartridges for the MSX ever growing, I've decided to see just how large my collection really is.
This list is based on BiFi's list of Konami titles found here. All but 4 of the games listed here are the non-OEM versions, ie, released under the Konami name, without making a distinction between Europe or Japan in terms of origin of the cartridges themselves.

Title   Owned
Antarctic Adventure   yes
Athletic Land   yes
Baseball   yes
Billiards / Video Hustler   yes
Boxing   yes
Cabbage Patch Kids   yes
Circus Charlie   yes
Comic Bakery   yes
Contra (aka Gryzor)   yes
F1 Spirit   yes
Frogger   yes
Game Master, the   yes
Game Master 2, the   yes
Ganbare Goemon (aka Samurai)   yes
Golf   yes
Goonies, the   yes
Hinotori (aka Firebird)   yes
Hyper Olympic 1 /Track & Field 1   yes
Hyper Olympic 2 /Track & Field 2   yes
Hyper Rally   yes
Hyper Sports 1   yes
Hyper Sports 2   yes
Hyper Sports 3   yes
King Kong 2   yes
King's Valley   yes
King's Valley 2 (MSX 1)   yes
King's Valley 2 (MSX 2)   yes
Knightmare   yes
Magical Tree   yes
Mah Jong   yes
Majutsushi (aka Mah-Jong 2)   yes
Maze of Galious, the   yes
Metal Gear   yes
Monkey Academy   yes
Mopi Ranger   yes
Nemesis (Gradius)   yes
Nemesis 2 (Gradius 2)   yes
Nemesis 3   yes
Parodius   yes
Penguin Adventure   yes
Pennant Race 1   yes
Pennant Race 2   yes
Ping Pong   yes
Pippols   yes
Q-Bert   yes
Quarth   yes
Road Fighter   yes
Salamander   yes
Shalom (Knightmare 3)   yes
Sky Jaguar   yes
Soccer / Football   yes
Solid Snake (Metal Gear 2)   yes
Space Manbow   yes
Super Cobra   yes
Synthesizer   no
Tennis   yes
Time Pilot   yes
Treasure of Usas   yes
Twin Bee   yes
Vampire Killer   yes
Yie Ar Kung Fu   yes
Yie Ar Kung Fu 2   yes

So far I own 61 out of 62 titles. Not too shabby, eh?