Recently I've become more and more amoured with game consoles. The idea of simply placing a disc or cartridge into a console and being able to play straight away, sitting on the coach in front of the telly is a lot more fun, and a lot less geeky than it sounds.

Below you'll find my modest collection of console games (even though technically speaking, the MSX was a home computer).

Title   Platform
007: Quantum of solace   PlayStation 2
1945 I & II   PlayStation 2
A-1 Spirit   MSX
Air sea battle   Atari 2600
Airblade   Playstation 2
Aladdin   Game Boy Color
Alone in the dark   PlayStation 2
Amidar   Atari 2600
Amped: Freestyle snowboarding   XBox
Amplitude   Playstation 2
Andre Agassi tennis   Sega Mega Drive
Antarctic adventure   MSX
Apocalypse   PS One
Arcade classics (Galaxian, Ms. Pac-man, Galaga)   CDi
Army men: Sarge's heroes   Nintendo 64
Assassin's creed   XBox 360
Asterix   Game Boy
Asterix and the great rescue   Sega Mega Drive
Asterix and the power of the gods   Sega Mega Drive
Asterix: De uitdaging van Caesar   CDi
Asteroids   Atari 2600
Athens 2004   Playstation 2
Athletic land   MSX
Atlantis, de verloren stad   PS One
Avatar: De legende van Aang   PlayStation 2
B-Boy   PlayStation 2
Bakugan battle brawlers   PlayStation 2
Banana   MSX
Batman begins   XBox
Battlefield 2: Modern combat   PlayStation 2
Battleship   CDi
Battlezone   Atari 2600
Beavis & Butthead   Game Boy
Becky   MSX
Berzerk   Atari 2600
Big brain academy for Wii   Nintendo Wii
Black   PlayStation 2
Black   XBox
Bloodwake   XBox
Blues Brothers, the: Jukebox adventure   Game Boy
BMX simulator   MSX
Body harvest   Nintendo 64
Booty   MSX
Bosconian   MSX
Brothers in arms: Earned in blood   XBox
Brothers in arms: Road to hill 30   Playstation 2
Bulletstorm   XBox 360
Burnout 3: Takedown   XBox
Burnout dominator   Playstation 2
Burnout: Revenge   XBox
Buzz off   MSX
Cabbage patch kids   MSX
Call of duty 2: Big red one   Nintendo Gamecube
Call of duty 3   Playstation 2
Call of duty: Finest hour   Playstation 2
Call of duty: Finest hour   XBox
Call of duty: World at war - Final fronts   PlayStation 2
Capcom classic collection vol. 1   PlayStation 2
Carnival minigolf   Nintendo Wii
Carve   XBox
Centipede   Atari 2600
Chase HQ   Game Boy
Chase the express   PS One
Chicken run   Game Boy Color
Chip 'n Dale   NES
Chuckie egg   MSX
Circus Charlie   MSX
Colin McRae rally 2005   PlayStation 2
Combat   Atari 2600
Comic bakery   MSX
Computer billiards   MSX
Conflict: Desert storm   XBox
Conflict: Global storm   PlayStation 2
Conflict: Vietnam   XBox
Congo   MSX
Connect four   CDi
Contra   MSX 2
Cosmic ark   Atari 2600
Crash Bandicoot   PS One
Crash nitro kart   PlayStation 2
Crazy train   MSX
Croc 2   Game Boy Color
Crystal castles   Atari 2600
Dactar 4-in-1:Sea monter, Shark attack, Slot racer, Star voyager   Atari 2600
Dactar 4-in-1:Venture, Sexta-feira 13, Frostbite, Entobed   Atari 2600
Daikatana   Nintendo 64
Darwin 4078   MSX 2
Dave Mirra freestyle BMX 2   XBox
Dead or alive 3   XBox
Deadly skies   XBox
Defender   PlayStation 2
Defender of the crown   CDi
Desert falcon   Atari 2600
Destroy all humans! - Big Willy unleashed   Nintendo Wii
Destruction derby 2   PS One
Dig dug   Atari 2600
Dig dug   MSX
DJ boy   Sega Mega Drive
Dodge 'em   Atari 2600
Donald Duck: Quack attack   PS One
Donkey Kong   Atari 2600
Donkey Kong 64   Nintendo 64
Donkey Kong country   SNES
Donkey Kong land 3   Game Boy
Dora the Explorer: Reis naar de paarse planeet   Playstation 2
Dr. Dolittle   PlayStation 2
Dr. Mario   NES
Dragon attack   MSX
Driv3r   PlayStation 2
Driver: Parallel lines   Playstation 2
Dropship: United peace force   Playstation 2
Duke Nukem: Land of the babes   PS One
Duke Nukem: Time to kill   PS One
Dukes of Hazzard, the: Return of the General Lee   PlayStation 2
Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for home   PS One
E.T.: Interplanetary mission   PS One
Ecco: The tides of time   Sega Mega Drive
Eggerland mystery   MSX
Empire strikes back, the   Atari 2600
Enduro   Atari 2600
Enter the matrix   PlayStation 2
Evil dead: A fistful of boomstick   XBox
Evil dead: Regeneration   Playstation 2
Evil twin - Cyprien's chronicles   Playstation 2
Ex-mutants   Sega Mega Drive
Exhumed   PS One
F-1 Spirit: The way to formula-1   MSX
F.E.A.R.   XBox 360
F.E.A.R. files   XBox 360
F1 2000   PS One
F1 2009   Nintendo Wii
F1 race   Game Boy
Fable   XBox
Fable: The lost chapters   XBox
Far cry instincts: Evolution   XBox
Fast and the furious, the   PlayStation 2
FIFA international soccer   Sega Mega Drive
FIFA soccer 95   Sega Mega Drive
Final fantasy X   PlayStation 2
Finders keepers   MSX
Firebird   MSX 2
Firehawk   MSX
First to fight   XBox
Flappy limited '85   MSX
Flash Gordon   MSX
Flicky   MSX
Free running   PlayStation 2
Freedom fighters   XBox
Frogger   MSX
Full spectrum warrior   PlayStation 2
G-Force   PlayStation 2
Galaga   MSX
Galaxian   Atari 2600
Galaxian (Bug Byte)   MSX
Galaxian (Namco)   MSX
Getaway, the   PlayStation 2
Getaway, the: Black monday   PlayStation 2
Ghost recon   Playstation 2
Ghost recon   XBox
Ghost recon: Advanced warfighter   Playstation 2
Ghost recon: Advanced warfighter   XBox
Ghost recon: Jungle storm   PlayStation 2
Ghosthunter   Playstation 2
God of war   Playstation 2
Godfather, the   PlayStation 2
Godzilla: Monster of monsters   NES
Goonies, the   MSX
Gradius   NES
Gran turismo 3 A-spec   Playstation 2
Gran turismo 4   Playstation 2
Gran turismo 4 "Prologue"   Playstation 2
Grand slam: The tennis tournament   Sega Mega Drive
Grand theft auto III   PlayStation 2
Grand theft auto: Liberty city stories   PlayStation 2
Grand theft auto: San Andreas   PlayStation 2
Grand theft auto: Vice City   PlayStation 2
Grog's revenge   MSX
Grooverider - Slot car racing   Playstation 2
Gun   Playstation 2
Half-life 2   XBox
Halo   XBox
Hello Kitty roller rescue   Playstation 2
Hidden & dangerous   PS One
History channel, the: Great battles of Rome   PlayStation 2
Hitman: Blood money   PlayStation 2
Hobbit, the   PlayStation 2
House of the dead 2 & 3 'return', the   Nintendo Wii
Hyper olympic 1   MSX
Hyper olympic 2   MSX
Hyper rally   MSX
Hyper sports 1   MSX
Hyper sports 2   MSX
Hyper sports 3   MSX
Ice world   MSX
Indiana Jones and the emperor's tomb   PlayStation 2
Indiana Jones and the staff of kings   PlayStation 2
Ishido: The way of stones   Sega Mega Drive
Jak and Daxter: The precursor legacy   Playstation 2
Jak X   PlayStation 2
James Bond 007 in ... Agent under fire   XBox
James Bond 007: Everything or nothing   Playstation 2
James Bond 007: Nightfire   PlayStation 2
James Bond 007: Nightfire   XBox
Jet set Willy II   MSX
Jimmy Neutron boy genius   PlayStation 2
Jr. Pac-man   Atari 2600
Jungle book   Game Boy
Jungle book groove party, the   PlayStation 2
Jungle hunt   Atari 2600
Jungle strike   Game Boy
Jungle strike   Sega Mega Drive
Juno first   MSX
Jurassic park   Sega Mega Drive
Just dance   Nintendo Wii
Just dance 2014   XBox 360
Kangaroo   Atari 2600
Kao the kangaroo: Round 2   PlayStation 2
Keystone kapers   Atari 2600
Killzone   PlayStation 2
Kinect adventures   XBox 360
King & balloon   MSX
King Kong 2   MSX 2
King's valley   MSX
King's valley 2   MSX 2
King's valley 2   MSX
Kingdom hearts   PlayStation 2
Kirby's dreamland   Game Boy
Klax   Atari 2600
Knightmare   MSX
Konami GB collection volume 4 (Japanese version)   Game Boy
Konami's baseball   MSX
Konami's boxing   MSX
Konami's golf   MSX
Konami's mahjong   MSX
Konami's ping pong   MSX
Konami's soccer   MSX
Konami's tennis   MSX
Kya - Dark lineage   Playstation 2
Laser lords   CDi
Legend of Zelda, the: Twilight princess   Nintendo Wii
Lego Batman   Nintendo Wii
Lego Indiana Jones: The original adventures   PlayStation 2
Lemmings   Sega Mega Drive
LHX attack chopper   Sega Mega Drive
Life force   NES
Litil divil   CDi
Little mermaid, the   Game Boy
Lode runner   MSX
Lode runner 2   MSX
Looney tunes   Game Boy
Lord of the rings, the: The fellowship of the ring   Playstation 2
Lord of the rings, the: The two towers   Playstation 2
Lot lot   MSX
Lucky Luke: The video game   CDi
Madworld   Nintendo Wii
Magic carpet   PS One
Magical tree   MSX
Mah-jong 2: Majutsushi   MSX 2
Mappy   MSX
Marble madness   Sega Mega Drive
Mario & Sonic op de olympische spelen   Nintendo Wii
Mario & Yoshi   Game Boy
Mario kart Wii   Nintendo Wii
Mario party (German)   Nintendo 64
Mat Hoffman's pro BMX   Game Boy Color
Max Payne   XBox
Maze of Galious   MSX
Mazes unlimited   MSX
Mech assault   XBox
Mechwarrior 2   PS One
Medal of honor: Frontline   PlayStation 2
Medal of honor: Frontline (NTSC)   XBox
Medal of honor: Rising sun   Playstation 2
Meer brain training van dr. Kawashima   Nintendo DS
Mega games 6   Sega Mega Drive
Mega man: The wily wars   Sega Mega Drive
Menacer 6 game cartridge   Sega Mega Drive
Metal gear   MSX 2
Metal gear 2: Solid Snake   MSX 2
Metal gear solid 2: Sons of liberty   PlayStation 2
Metal gear solid 2: Substance   XBox
Metal gear solid 3: Snake eater   PlayStation 2
Metal slug anthology   Nintendo Wii
Metropolismania   PlayStation 2
Mickey's dangerous chase   Game Boy
Mickey's wild adventure   PS One
Micro machines   CDi
Midnight club 3: DUB edition remix   PlayStation 2
Midnight club: Los Angeles   XBox 360
Millipede   Atari 2600
Missile command   Atari 2600
Mission impossible: Operation surma   PlayStation 2
Monaco grand prix racing simulation 2   PS One
Monkey academy   MSX
Monty Python's Invasion from the planet Skyron   CDi
Moon patrol   Atari 2600
Mopi ranger   MSX
Mortal kombat trilogy   PS One
Motocross mania 3   PlayStation 2
MotoGP4   Playstation 2
Mr. Chin   MSX
Ms. Pac-man   Atari 2600
Muppets, the   Game Boy Color
Myst   CDi
NBA live '06   Nintendo Gamecube
Need for speed carbon   Nintendo Gamecube
Need for speed: Carbon   XBox
Need for speed: Most wanted   XBox
Need for speed: ProStreet   PlayStation 2
Nemesis   Game Boy
Nemesis   MSX
Nemesis 2   MSX
Nemesis 3: The eve of destruction   MSX
NFL street 2   PlayStation 2
NHL 96   Sega Mega Drive
Night driver   Atari 2600
Ninja gaiden   XBox
Pac-man   MSX
Pac-man (bootleg?)   Atari 2600
Pac-panic   CDi
Pariah   XBox
Parodius   MSX
Parodius   SNES
Penguin adventure   MSX
Penguin kun wars   MSX
Pennant race   MSX 2
Pennant race 2   MSX 2
Perfect dark   Nintendo 64
Perfect dark zero   XBox 360
Pete Sampras tennis   Sega Mega Drive
Peter Jackson's King Kong   PlayStation 2
Phoenix   Atari 2600
Pilotwings   SNES
Pinball   CDi
Pinball: Revenge of the gator   Game Boy
Pippols   MSX
Pitfall   Atari 2600
Pitfall II: Lost caverns   Atari 2600
Play it pinball   Playstation 2
Pole position   Atari 2600
Pop up   Game Boy
Power Rangers: Super legends   PlayStation 2
Pride fighting championships   PlayStation 2
Prince of Persia: The sands of time   PlayStation 2
Prince of Persia: The two thrones   PlayStation 2
Prince of Persia: Warrior within   Playstation 2
Project: Snowblind   XBox
Puggsy   Sega Mega Drive
Q*Bert   Atari 2600
Q-Bert   MSX
Qix   Game Boy
Quarth   MSX 2
Quasar   MSX
R-Type   MSX
Raid on Bungeling Bay   MSX
Rainbow six   PS One
Rainbow six 3   PlayStation 2
Rainbow six: Lone wolf   PS One
Rally X   MSX
Rampage: Total destruction   PlayStation 2
Ratchet & Clank 3   PlayStation 2
Rayman   Game Boy Color
Rayman M   Playstation 2
Rayman origins   Nintendo Wii
Rayman revolution   Playstation 2
Red dead revolver   PlayStation 2
Red faction   PlayStation 2
Red faction II   PlayStation 2
Resident evil Code: Veronica X   PlayStation 2
Rig racer 2   PlayStation 2
River raid   Atari 2600
River raid II   Atari 2600
Road champs   Game Boy Color
Road fighter   MSX
Roadsters   Game Boy
Robocop   NES
Robotron 64   Nintendo 64
Rollerball   MSX
Rollercoaster world   Playstation 2
Rolling thunder   Sega Mega Drive
Saints row 2   XBox 360
Salamander   MSX
Samurai   MSX 2
SAS anti-terror force   Playstation 2
Scentipede   MSX
Schtroumps, le: Autour du monde   Game Boy
Scramble formation   MSX 2
Secret service   Playstation 2
Serious Sam: The next encounter   Nintendo Gamecube
Shadowman   PS One
Shalom   MSX
Shrek's crazy party games   PlayStation 2
Sims, the   PlayStation 2
Sims 2, de   Nintendo Gamecube
Sims 2, de   PlayStation 2
Sims 2 op een onbewoond eiland, de   PlayStation 2
Sims bustin' out, the   PlayStation 2
Sky jaguar   MSX
Smackdown vs. raw 2008   XBox 360
Smackdown vs. raw 2009   XBox 360
Smackdown vs. raw 2010   XBox 360
Snake it   MSX
Snoopy tennis   Game Boy Color
Socom II: U.S. navy seals   PlayStation 2
Socom III: U.S. navy seals   PlayStation 2
Socom: U.S. navy seals   PlayStation 2
Socom: U.S. navy seals: Combined assault   PlayStation 2
Soldier of fortune II: Double helix   XBox
Sonic & Knuckles   Sega Mega Drive
Sonic the hedgehog   Sega Mega Drive
Sonic the hedgehog 2   Sega Mega Drive
Sonic the hedgehog 3   Sega Mega Drive
Soulcalibur II   Playstation 2
Soviet strike   PS One
Space invaders   Atari 2600
Space invaders: Invasion day   PlayStation 2
Space manbow   MSX 2
Sparkie   MSX
Spider-man   PlayStation 2
Spider-man 2   Playstation 2
Splashdown   Playstation 2
Splinter cell   PlayStation 2
Splinter cell   XBox
Splinter cell: Chaos theory   Playstation 2
Splinter cell: Pandora tomorrow   PlayStation 2
Spy vs spy   MSX
SSX 3   Playstation 2
SSX 3   XBox
Star wars   NES
Star Wars episode III: Revenge of the sith   Nintendo DS
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron   Nintendo 64
Star Wars: Rogue squadron II: Rogue leader   Nintendo Gamecube
Starwing   SNES
Step up   MSX
Stranglehold (collectors edition)   XBox 360
Street fighter II   Game Boy
Stuntman   Playstation 2
Suffering, the: Ties that bind   Playstation 2
Super breakout   Game Boy
Super cobra   MSX
Super Mario 64   Nintendo 64
Super Mario bros. / Duck hunt   NES
Super Mario bros. 2   NES
Super Mario bros. 3   NES
Super Mario land   Game Boy
Super Mario land   SNES
Super Mario land 2   Game Boy
Super Mario land 3: Wario land   Game Boy
Super smash bros.   Nintendo 64
Super smash bros. brawl   Nintendo Wii
Super street fighter II   SNES
Superbike GP   PlayStation 2
Superman returns   Nintendo DS
Superman returns   PlayStation 2
SWAT: Global strike team   PlayStation 2
Syphon filter 2   PS One
T2: The arcade game   Sega Mega Drive
Table tennis   Nintendo Wii
Talespin   NES
Tank batallion   MSX
Tarzan   PS One
Teenage mutant hero turtles 2: The arcade game   NES
Tekken 3 (not working)   PS One
Tekken 5   Playstation 2
Terminator, the   Sega Mega Drive
Tetris   Game Boy
Thexder   MSX
Tigre, el: The adventures of Manny Rivera   Playstation 2
Time crisis: Project Titan (with Namco light gun)   PS One
Time pilot   MSX
Timesplitters: Future perfect   PlayStation 2
Tiny Toons: Busters busts loose!   SNES
Tom & Jerry in de strijd der snorharen   PlayStation 2
Tom & Jerry: Der Film   Game Boy
Tom and Jerry in Mouse attacks   Game Boy Color
Tom Clancy's ghost recon 2   Playstation 2
Tomb raider II   PS One
Tony Hawk pro skater   Game Boy Color
Tony Hawk pro skater 2   Game Boy Color
Tony Hawk's pro skater 3   PS One
Tony Hawk's pro skater 4   PlayStation 2
Tony Hawk's proving ground   Playstation 2
Tony Hawk's underground   XBox
Top ranking tennis   Game Boy
Trauma center: Under the knife   Nintendo DS
Treasure of Usas, the   MSX 2
Trigger man   PlayStation 2
True crime: New York city   PlayStation 2
Turok: Evolution   XBox
Twin bee   MSX
UFC 2009: Undisputed   XBox 360
Up   PlayStation 2
Urban strike   Sega Mega Drive
Vampire killer   MSX 2
Vampire   MSX
Venture   Atari 2600
Video Hustler   MSX
Vietcong: Purple haze   XBox
Virtua cop: Elite edition   PlayStation 2
Vortex   SNES
Vortex raider   MSX
Wall-E   PlayStation 2
Wario land 3   Game Boy Color
Waverace   Nintendo 64
Wii play   Nintendo Wii
Wii sports   Nintendo Wii
Wing commander III   PS One
Wipeout 3 (special edition)   PS One
World cup Italia 90   Sega Mega Drive
World cup USA 94   Sega Mega Drive
Worms forts: Under siege   PlayStation 2
WWE RAW 2   XBox
Xenophobe   Atari 2600
XIII   Nintendo Gamecube
Yar's revenge   Atari 2600
Yie ar kung-fu   MSX
Yie ar kung-fu 2: The emperor Yie-Gah   MSX
Zaxxon   Atari 2600
Zelda - Ocarina of time   Nintendo 64
Zenith   CDi
Zone of the enders   PlayStation 2

And the consoles I own are as following:

And broken down by media it comes to this:

Cartridge based   240
Disc based   263
Cassette based   18
Total   521

Furthermore, I own the following controllers:

And last but not least, these systems: