Nostradamus - the fate of man

cover art

CD 1

The secret study
Overture - A strange and cryptic tale
Friend of the stars 1
Celestial science
The student
Dance of death 1
Fresh air, running water, rose pills
The monks comment 1
Seekers of truth 1
Dance of death 2
Save my wife
The monks comment 2
Pagan's paradise
The inquisition
The wandering years
The monks comment 3
If history was mine alone
Friend of the stars 2

CD 2

A man with remarkable talents
Settle down
The monks comment 4
The flying squadron
Dance of mirrors
A royal invitation
A cruel death + The monks comment 5
Tell me all
The tournament
The golden cage
Seekers of truth 2
Living in two realities
Act of despair
The secret study 2
The centuries
You won't find me alive at sunrise
Friend of stars 3
Epilogue - The fate of man