Iron maiden

B-sides of the beast

cover art

Sanctuary (from Sanctuary 7")
Burning ambition (from Running free 7")
Twilight zone (from Twilight zone 7")
Woman in uniform (from Woman in uniform 7")
Invasion (from Woman in uniform 7")
Total eclipse (from Run to the hills 7")
I've got the fire (from Flight of Icarus 7")
Cross-eyed Mary (from The trooper 7")
Rainbow's gold (from 2 minutes to midnight 7")
King of twilight (from Aces high 7")
Reach out (from Wasted years 7")
Juanita (from Stranger in a strange land 7")
Sherriff of Huddersfield (from Wasted years 12")
That girl (from Stranger in a strange land 7")
Black Bart blues (from Can I play with madness 7")
Massacre (from Can I play with madness 12")
All in your mind (from Holy smoke 7")
Kill me ce soir (from Holy smoke 12")
I'm a mover (from Bring your daughter... to the slaughter 7")
Communication breakdown (from Bring your daughter... 12")