Into the electric castle

cover art

CD 1

Welcome to the new dimension
Isis and Osiris
a. Let the journey begin
b. The hall of Isis and Osiris
c. Strange constellations
d. Reprise
Amazing flight
a. Amazing flight in space
b. Stardance
c. Flying colours
Time beyond time
The decision tree (We're alive)
Tunnel of light
Across the rainbow bridge

CD 2

The garden of emotions
a. In the garden of emotions
b. Voices in the sky
c. The aggression factor
Valley of the queens
The castle hall
Cosmic fusion
a. I soar on the breeze
b. Death's grunt
c. The passing of an eagle
The Mirror Maze
a. Inside the mirror maze
b. Through the mirror
Evil devolution
The two gates
"Forever" of the stars
Another time, another space