Title   Details
2 guns    
25th Reich, the    
Akira   US import
Alice in wonderland (2010)   disc only
Amazing spider-man, the    
Amazing spider-man 2, the (limited digibook edition)    
American graffiti    
Amphibious 3D   2D and 3D on single disc
Angel heart    
Apocalypse now + Apocalypse now redux    
Ash vs evil dead - Season 1    
Ash vs evil dead - Season 2    
Ash vs evil dead - Season 3    
Attack the block    
Avant l'aure    
Babylon A.D.    
Badges of fury    
Beyond a reasonable doubt (limited edition)    
Big Lebowski, the    
Big nothing    
Black death    
Blade runner: The final cut (special edition)    
Blade runner 2049    
Blazing saddles    
Blood: The last vampire (limited edition)    
Bourne legacy, the (limited edition steel book)   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Box, the    
Brave one, the    
Brokeback mountain    
Brooklyn's finest    
Bullet to the head   Includes free blu-ray of Copland
C'est arrivé prčs de chez vous    
Camelot: De complete serie    
Camp hell    
Cars 2   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Cars 3   Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray pack
Catch .44    
Clash of the titans (2010)    
Classic horror    
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula
  • Fright night
  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Clockwork orange, a    
Coco   Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray pack
Confessions of a dangerous mind    
Corpse bride    
Dark crystal, the   limited edition steel book
Dark knight rises, the    
Date night   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Dead snow    
Dead snow 2: Red vs. dead    
Deadpool 2   limited edition steel book
Devils of war    
Doctor Who: Spearhead from space    
Double trouble    
Drag me to hell    
Dragon eyes    
Duo pack    
  • Hangover, the
  • Yes man
Early man    
Eastern promises    
Easy rider    
Enemy at the gates    
Escape from New York    
Exorcist, the (extended director's cut)    
Exterminator, the    
Expendables, the (collector's edition)   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Expendables, the   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Expendables 2, the    
Expendables 3, the    
Evil dead, the    
Faculty, the    
Family guy trilogy, the    
Femme Nikita, la (limited edition)    
Fifth element, the    
Fifty dead men walking    
Finding Dory (limited edition)    
Full metal jacket    
Gabriel, Peter: New blood - live in London    
Gabriel, Peter: Secret world live    
Gabriel, Peter: Back to front (deluxe edition)    
Get him to the Greek    
Ghostbusters box    
  • Ghostbusters
  • Ghostbusters 2
Godfather III, the    
Golden compass, the    
Good day to die hard, a    
Good dinosaur, the    
Good guys wear black    
Goonies, the    
Grey, the    
Groundhog day    
Guard, the    
Hackett, Steve: Genesis revisited live at the Royal Albert Hall   limited edition artbook (no. 118 of 750)
Hail, Caesar!    
Happy feet 2   Blu-ray + DVD pack in fake fur packaging
Harry Brown    
Hobbit, the: An unexpected journey   Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray pack
Hobbit, the: The desolation of Smaug   Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray pack
Hobbit, the: The battle of the five armies   Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray pack
Horrible bosses (totally inappropriate edition)    
Horror collection, the    
  • Bubba Ho-Tep
  • I sell the dead
  • My name is Bruce
Hotel Transylvania    
Incredibles box, the    
  • Incredibles, the
  • Incredibles 2, the
Indiana Jones: The complete adventures    
Inglourious basterds    
Inside out    
Iron man 2   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Iron sky    
Kick-ass 2    
Kill'em all    
Killer elite    
Killing them softly    
Kung fu hustle    
Last battle, the    
League of extraordinary gentlemen, the    
Lego Batman movie, the    
Leon (the director's cut)    
London boulevard    
Long weekend    
Losers, the    
Lost future, the    
Lucky Luke    
Machete (limited edition)    
Machete kills    
Mad Max (steel book)    
Mad Max 2: The road warrior    
Mad Max 3: Beyond thunderdome    
Mad Max: Fury road    
Man on a ledge    
Maniac cop (special edition)    
Mary and Max    
Masters of the universe    
Mechanic, the (2011)    
Men who stare at goats, the    
Metalocalypse season 4    
Midnight meat train    
Mission impossible: Ghost protocol   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Mongolian death worm    
Monster brawl    
Monster university    
Monty Python and the hole grail   Limited edition blu-ray castle box set
Monty Python live (mostly)   Deluxe edition (Blu-Ray + DVD + 2CD)
Monuments men, the    
  • Eden lake
  • 30 days of night
  • Grudge, the
Moviepower box 4: Horror    
  • Cabin the woods, the
  • Don't be afraid of the dark
  • Woman in black, the
Muppets, the    
Mystic river    
Night of the living dead    
Not forgotten    
Now you see me (extended edition)    
Omega man, the    
Orfanato, el    
Other guys, the    
Perfume (limited edition)    
Piranha 3D    
Pirates, the! Band of misfits    
Pixels (limited edition)   Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Princess and the frog, the   disc only
Prodigy, the: Live - World's on fire   Blu-Ray + CD
Promise, the    
Punisher collection, the    
  • The punisher
  • Punisher: War zone
Red (limited edition)    
Red 2    
Red cliff    
Red lights    
Red state    
Replacement killers, the (extended cut)    
Repo men    
Requiem for a dream    
Rise of the planet of the apes   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Road, the    
Robin Hood: Prince of thieves (extended version)    
Rocky Horror picture show, the    
Rogue one: A Star Wars story   Blu-Ray + 3D Blu-Ray steel book
Roujin Z    
Sausage party    
Season of the witch    
Secret window    
Shawshank redemption, the    
Sherlock Holmes    
Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows   triple play
Shin Godzilla    
Shining, the    
Showgirls (15th anniversary sinsational edition)    
Skeptical Minds: Watch your live    
Solo: A Star Wars story   Blu-Ray + 3D Blu-Ray steel book
Solomon Kane    
Spider-man trilogy    
  • Spider-man
  • Spider-man 2
  • Spider-man 3
Spider-man 3    
Star Trek: The animated series    
Star Trek 2: The wrath of Khan    
Star Wars: The complete saga    
Star Wars episode VII: The force awakens   Blu-Ray + DVD steel book
Star Wars episode VIII: The last jedi   Blu-Ray + 3D Blu-Ray steel book
Sucker punch    
Superhero movie    
T2 trainspotting    
Terminator: Salvation    
There be dragons    
Thing, the    
Things to do in Denver when you're dead    
Three kingdoms: Resurrection of the dragon    
Tinker tailor soldier spy (2011) (special edition)    
To live and die in LA    
Town, the (extended cut)    
Toy story 3   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Transformers: Dark of the moon   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Transporter 3 (limited edition)    
Tron: Legacy    
Tropa de elite   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Tropa de elite 2   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
True grit (2010)    
True legend    
True romance   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Tucker and Dale vs evil    
Twin daggers    
Uncle Buck    
Universal soldier    
Universal soldier: Regeneration    
Vantage point    
Videodrome   Blu-Ray + DVD pack
Wallace & Gromit: The complete collection    
Warlords, the (limited edition)    
Where the wild things are    
Wolfman, the    
Wolverine, the    
Wreck-it Ralph    
Wrestler, the    
Zoolander two movie collection    
  • Zoolander
  • Zoolander 2

Type   Count
Disc   252
Boxset   15
Total   267