Fun with fish

After some serious maintenance, new gear and clever fish selection I think I might finally have a stable fish tank setup. Well, stable as for as that most heinous of biological lifeforms (ie, algae) goes.

So, here's the complete gear setup:

Fishtank   Juwel Rio 180
Internal filter   Juwel Eccoflow 1000
Internal UV lamp   Osaka 10 watt
Heating element   Juwel Aquaheat 200 watt
External filter   JBL Crystal Profi e901
External UV lamp   Aquael 3 watt
Air pump   Ferplast Airfizz 400
Light fixtures
  SuperFish Retro LED Bright 30 watt
SuperFish Retro LED Combi 30 watt
CO2 delivery system   Sera CO2 Tabs plus diffuser unit
Fertilization   Denerle V30 complete slow release system