Musical memories

So, I've decided to list some of my favourite musical memories, in particular order whatsoever:

Dreadlock Pussy's final tour. Tons of DP shows, lots of familiar faces, some cool support acts, and wonderous stories from the backstages of assorted venues. Some great, some not so great, some bordering on the truly bizarre, and the legendary "Roger's porn palace" episode.

Autumn tour through Germany and the Netherlands. 7 shows, 2 nights in hotels, thousands of kilometers, really needing a poo in The Hague, and seeing the mighty [Soon] as well. Would totally do this again.

Blaze (now called Blaze Bayley) at the Metal Dayz festival in Pratteln. Lunch at IKEA, a dry run in a hotel room, an unexpected broom sweeping of the stage and arriving way too early. Bonus feature: Crucified Barbara.

Metal Female Voices Fest. Any edition really. Loads of great bands, even bigger loads of really cool people, and a chance to hang out people from all around the globe. Bonus feature: Karolina and the lads from Skeptical Minds.

Neuborn Open Air. Izegrim. 'nuff said.

Weistock. First time seeing Seita. Again, 'nuff said.

Maddogs Metalfest. Again, with Seita. And Crimson Falls. Need I say more?

Occultfest. A fine yearly tradition of drinking beers, meeting friends, and the odd bit of photography. Because why not?

Koppelpop. Quite possibly one of the coolest festivals in the Netherlands. There's always a minimum of 1 great band in the line-up, and some of the coolest crew/volunteers ever.

Mudfest. Beer, sludge, stoner, doom, Lei. So there.

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