Exit sand, enter gravel

So I just completed one of the most labour intensive and annoying tasks possible - a complete overhaul of my fish tank.

I initially used river sand as a bedding, but like sand tends to be, it was very loose, messy, and plants couldn't really take root*, and went from a beautiful yellowish orange to a vague, non-descript** shade of brown.

So I decided to replace it with old school gravel. And add some new plants, bits of wood and hiding places for the fish whilst I was at it.

Needless to say, this meant removing the fish (including 2 10"+ suckermouth catfish), the water, and the smelly murkiness that was the sand. After which I had to wash the gravel, place it in the tank, add water, add plants etc., reintroduce the fish and hope for the best.

I have no idea how things will go (it couldn't get worse or smellier), but for now I'm well chuffed. Go me!

Oh, and I also managed to get an accurate count of my fish. The smaller groups of fish (Otocinclus and Kuhli loaches) and huge brothers from fishy mothers are easy to keep track of, but the guppies and neon tetras not so much.

As it turns out it breaks down like this:
That's a lotta fish, range from wee guppies (less than 1") to somewhat ridiculously large (10"+).

* Some of my fish are large, eat plants, crap a lot, and are only slightly more subtle than moi.

** A non-descript shade of fish poop brown to be precise.

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