Gaming setup redux

So basically after moving earlier this year and expanding my collection of consoles and games, the whole setup looks slightly (well, a lot) different these days.

Apart from adding a Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, as well as a ton of games, and a few controllers, the whole thing now looks like this:


Atari 2600 (antenna)
NES (composite video)
Gamecube (SCART)
PlayStation 2 (SCART)
XBox (SCART) Philips CDi 210 (SCART)


Super Nintendo (antenna)
Nintendo 64 (SCART)
Nintendo Wii (SCART)
Sega Genesis (antenna)
Philips VG 8235 MSX 2 (SCART)

I might move more of the consoles to the living room, the moment I figure out how and where to leave them all. The NES, PS One and CDi player will remain hooked up to the JVC CRT, as their assorted zappers (ie, guns) only work on CRT TVs. As for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, I still need to get some A/V cables for those, but it's hardly a priority.

So there you have it, my console setup. Ancient and obscure hardware for the win.

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