We need a bigger boat!

Not really, but I need a bigger case for my PC. Added a new, shiny graphics card which isn't exactly bleeding edge, unlike the case (quite literally I'm afraid), but is a fair amount bigger than my old Geforce 9800GT. Which isn't too much of a problem other than cramping my style, and case interior, as well as having massive fans which required me to remove no less than 3 controller cards, none of which I'm glad to say I really needed.

So there you have it, I did things to my PC, and I am going to do some more to it. Might pick up a new power supply while I'm at it, and move the current one, and ye olde Geforce 9800GT downstream. Colour me excited!

Oh, moving also meant I had a good excuse to get a bigger fishtank. 180 liters vs 100 liters. My L numbers will love it, and no doubt ruin the plants I ever so lovingly planted. Ah well, that's life, eh?

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