Gaming setup

I nearly have the perfect gaming setup. And by nearly I mean having to split it between two TV's. Once I move things around some more I'll have everything hooked up to a single TV, and joy shall be mine.

In case you're wondering about my current setup, here it is:

Set 1:
JVC Widescreen CRT TV
Atari 2600 (antenna)
Nintendo Entertainment System (antenna)
Nintendo 64 (A/V)
Nintendo Wii (SCART)
Ps One (SCART)
Playstation Two (SCART)

Set 2:
Samsung HD Ready Widescreen TFT TV
Philips CDi 210 CDi player (SCART)
Philips VG-2835 MSX 2 (A/V)
Nintendo Gamecube (SCART)

The ultimate goal is to attach all of them to the JVC TV. And it's a CRT so I can play Time Crisis: Project Titatn with the Namco light gun.

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