Needs sorting out

Today I was rummaging through my fast collection of cables and assorted bits of PC kit looking for a DVI-A to VGA adapter. Which I am sure I have. Somewhere.

Needless to say, I didn't find it, but I came across (stop snickering already!) a few things I had forgotten about, and something that will prove useful.

So, what did I find you ask? Well, a new task at hand (sorting out all those cables), 1GB worth of DDR RAM (various brands and sizes), a crapload of NE 2000 compatible network cards (all of which seem to be of ye olde 8 bit ISA variety), and various other components from bygone ages.

Yep, I darn better sort out that horrible mess. If only to make it easier to stuff it into my already overstuffed drawers.

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