2011 in music

With 2011 nearly over, here's my list of the really good stuff from 2011. I didn't buy any bad (or mediocre) stuff this year, and if I had, it wouldn't have ended up in this list. So without further adue, here's 2011 in music according to moi:

nr. 1, and no doubt unsurprising to those who know me:

Peter Gabriel - New Blood (deluxe edition)
It's Peter Gabriel, it's classic songs newly done, and a version of Wallflower that gives goosebumps to my goosebumps.

nr. 2, and not all that surprising either:

Autumn - Cold Comfort
Autumn's latest three albums (My New Time, Altitude and Cold Comfort) are like driving from Amsterdam to Maastricht along the A2. No two cities (albums) along the way are really alike, the direction (progression of the band) in which you go is logical, and yet is always the A2 (Autumn).

nr. 3, no surprise here either I'm afraid:

Steve Hackett - Beyond The Shrouded Horizon (deluxe 2CD)
Steve Hackett delivers yet again. Despite it not being quite as good as "Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth", there's plenty of stuff to like. And with "Enter The Night" he has gone where Tony Banks has gone before. ;)

nr. 4, the ambiguity of a great album of a band that is sadly no longer around:

The Heatmachine - The Indie Blitz Orchestra
Indie poprock'ish? Check. Excellent musicianship? Check. Fun to sing along to? Check. Fun to dance along to? Probably. I'm crap at the whole dancing thing. But if you like an EP to cheer you up, look no further than this.

nr. 5, it's time to play the metal, it's time to bang the head:

Izegrim - Code Of Consequences
Thrashmetal, with deep, unsettling, unclean vocals, a rhythm section tighter than a duck's bum, and excellent guitar playing and soloing, it's a must have for fans of proper, in your face, yet melodic metal.

nr. 6, and from the ashes rose a Phoenix:

Model Depose - promo 2011 (limited edition) (assuming that is the title)
I don't know whether it's electrorock, or new wave. In fact, I'm not sure what the genre is called. But what I do know is that it's very, very good. If you like Prey, or good music, this is definitely for you.

Honourably mentions go to Only Fate Remains - Breathe. Quite good for their first full lenght album, but I miss the old Trisomy sound. The same thing goes for A New Dawn - Seven Faces Of Truth. I prefer their older sound.

Please note I have bought more albums this year, but these were either definitely not from 2011, or I'm not sure. Oh well.

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