Six be the number

Of the car I'm driving. Yes, the modern day, diesel equivalent of Christine is in the garage once more. For the same reason. Again. Fecketyfeck!

On the plus side, the borrowed car I have now is a lovely red, with the transparent coating peeling off and in need of servicing. But not huge crack in the windscreen. Or flooded engine.

And it's only a few more days until I get to see the mighty, mighty Autumn again, a few more and it's time for the combined forces of Simón and Pendejo, and some more, and I'll be front row in De Boerderij in Zoetermeer for the one and only Steve Hackett. Plus I had lots of fun (and beer) at this years Metal Female Voices Festival, met some cool people, some new, some old, some very Finnish and drunk.

So in the end it's all sorta kinda good. See y'all on the road!*

* I'll most likely be the one parked on the hard shoulder kicking and beating his car.

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