A veritable goldmine

In order to make more room, and to make life easier I've started transferring my old VHS collection (only a few hundred tapes) to DVD. Lots of stuff taped from TV, tons of ancient tidbits, and heaps of B'ish movie goodness. It's like travelling back in time, only slower because you'd need to rewind the timemachine first.

On a few side notes, my puffer fish sadly died. Last weekend the filter pump decided to give up (after the filter having been cleaned, the water refreshed etc.) during the night, causing oxygen deprivation. He was always a bit of a problem, not playing nice with any other fish, but I wanted to keep him until the end of his natural life. Sadly, it was not to be.

PS: Have I mentioned how awesome the awesomeness that is Izegrim is? If not, I hereby do so. <guttural voice>Victory or death!</guttural voice>

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