Oh my God! It's full of stupid!

Various websites containing news, opinions or inane rants come with the ability for readers to respond to the articles posted. There's nothing really wrong with that, apart from a single, obvious fact.

Only the deranged spend most of their time responding to those articles, drowning out any sensible argument one could make, always more than happy to cast aspersions on other people, and never, ever engaging their brain, but rather spew out the most vile gut reactions.

Surely it's not all bad you may say, but take these into consideration:

1. Pedophiles are not all pedosexuals, ie, not all of them engage in either child abuse or collecting/distributing images thereof. Don't say anything like that, because you'll be labeled a pedophile or a pedo-lover in just under 3 seconds.
2. Anybody who doesn't want to torture, execute, castrate or in anyway inflict serious harm on an individual either convicted or accused of child abuse around? See number 1.
3. One can never grieve hard enough. Provided the victim of an accident, criminal act or plain stupidity was white. If the victims was not pasty white, or an adherent of a certain religion? Somebody will quickly point out they had it coming.
4. If you have an idol, he can do no wrong. Even if he/she murdered somebody, it's either not true, didn't happen, or an attempt by the other end of the political spectrum (99,999% of the cases a "leftie") to smear his/her good name. The worst cases tend to add "4President" or some such to the name of their idol.
5. And if only we all read some holy book (usually the bible) we'd be so much better off. Homosexuality is evil, women should stay at home, abortion is murder, and we should all love Israel. Quite often with an ever so obvious hint of asshattery no. 4.
6. Stupidity should be embraced. Going on a sailing trip without the financial part even sorted out properly? Anybody who dares to comment on the ever so heroic sailor is jealous and a chronic underachiever. And most likely capable of paying the bills every month.

Mind you, it's a damn sight better than having to read all this gobbledygook on the internet, than to hear it at birthday parties. All glory to small favours, eh?

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