Waste not, want not

Like a modern day Frankenstein I've resurrected my old Intel E2140 based system. It's always nice to have spare bits lying around, making it easy to put something working together, with minimal expenses.

So behold FrankenPC, consisting of these here old parts:
- Intel E2140 CPU
- Acer Aspire T671 case (from the furthest depths of hell it came)
- 2x 1GB DDR2 RAM
- Western Digital IDE (yes, that's right, IDE) harddisk
- LG DVDRW drive (one of the few decent parts of the Acer)
- Recom Power Engine 450W
- Antec 80mm case fan
- MSI G41M4-F mainboard (okay, that was all very new and shiny)

So, born from parts of yesteryear, and one horrid, horrid case (not just beaten by the ugly stick, the ugly stick beat itself beforehand) I have yet another working desktop system.

PS: To make a mockery of all that is good and holy in this world, and just to rage against our creator (E. Volution) it's running Windows Vista. Obviously.

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