Christmas came early

No, this is not a reference to a James Bond movie, but simply the fact that over the course of this week I received 2 promo CDs completely and utterly free. One from Rotten, the other of Pendejo's debut album 'Cantos a la vida'. Needless to say I'm quite happy to have received.

On a side note, my new redbelly turtle is doing very well, as are my zebra fish and glowlight tetras. Not to mention the L165. I only hope it doesn't become as huge as the specimen I saw in Dalen, as that was one huge mofo.

So, no bad news? Sadly there is. The band Morning has decided to call it a day. I for one will miss seeing Saskia and the lads on stage, but I'm sure I'll run into them in the future. And for now I'll try my hardest not to miss anymore of the few gigs still planned.

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