People that piss me off...

...are numerous, but most of them seem to be part of the following groups:

The "It's all the lefties' fault" foamers-at-the-mouth

Blaming everything that is wrong with my country on the left side of the political spectrum, easily forgetting that the last few coalitions were centre/right. And no, the labour party isn't left, not by a long shot.

The "Hurray for extremist solutions" scary, violent loonies

We all know them, the sort of people think that other people (ie: convicted criminals and suspects) shouldn't have human rights, that the death penalty will fix anything, claim "I'll happily beat up whoever touches my children / molests cute puppies / is of North African ancestry", torture is a fine way of extracting information and anybody disagreeing with them is obviously a lefty pedo tree hugger.

The "Go catch criminals" and (blissfully) unaware of the highway code twats

So basically you've been caught or read about other being people being caught speeding / tailgating / not using their indicators, and claim the police should spend more time catching criminals. Guess what fuckwad - that's exactly what they're doing. You're supposed to behave in a certain manner in traffic, and if you don't, and you get caught tough shit arsewipe. Quit yer whining, you're not fooling anyone into thinking you're an alpha male, or actually have something resembling a dick.

The "The RIAA/MPAA/BUMA STEMRA/BREIN people are mean" stealing scumbags

Yes, I have no love for said organisations, they're clearly clueless about the world we live in. People don't like being restricted in what they can do with music and movies they buy. The cool thing about CD's and DVD's is that you can play them in any device capable of doing so, never having to worry about some organisations deciding you're no longer allowed to. Same thing with books, and let's be honest, you have to love the irony involving the Amazon kindle and 1984 cock-up. Never mind the whole "you have to pay money to have your own songs on your webpage" shtick.

Having said that, not paying for the works of others because out of some misguided sense of entitlement isn't on either. You like something, just buy it. If you think it's too expensive, then don't. Don't simply download it, you're not entitled to it, it's not yours to have. Deal with it.

And before anybody mentions how rich musicians are, and how they won't suffer from people downloading, shut the fuck up, and jump of a friggin' cliff. The majority of musicians have jobs as they can't make a living making music. And what little money they make of the sales of CDs is stolen by greedy fucktards like you. Seriously, go find a suitable cliff. And don't have the chutzpah to call yourself a music or movie lover. Clearly you ain't.

The "It's not our fault, honestly!" out-of-touch-with-reality lot from the Vatican

Surely this says enough. Apart from the obvious evils of widespread child abuse, and subsequent cover-ups they've now resorted to blaming everybody but themselves for the sordid state of affairs. If that isn't article 140 worthy, I don't know what is.

On a closing note, the law applies to all of us, populism won't solve anything, and we're supposed to be civilized. How hard can it be for fucks sake?

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