Stopped bothering

Over the past few weeks things have happened, and I've been giving a lot of things a lot of thought, and reached some interesting conclusions.

First of, social networks are a joke, no real substitute for real-life contact, and the people on there are generally folks I only know in a fairly swallow way. So I ditched the lot.

Photography, once a hobby, now distinctly lacking in any direction, projects that'll never come to fruition has failed to capture my imagination. So no more projects.

Concert photography? Last night I was out in Groningen and I started wondering why I even bother. My heart's no longer into it, waiting for bands to start generally means me going mad with boredom, and with no one to really talk to it's becoming more and more of a drag. So I've pretty much removed my photography site.

Fish and other pets? Those I'll feed and look after, but the joy I got out of that is long gone. I'm sort of hoping they all die so I can get rid of the fish tanks and all that crap.

And now what? Fucked if I know. Don't have friends, my condition pretty much means never getting a job I like, having a girlfriend or anything resembling a social life. I've got no options* other than sitting out this sentence known as being alive.

* With both my parents still alive killing myself isn't an option.

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