The joys of Windows 7 and gardening

As you might have expected, the above title should be taken sarcastically.

As far as Windows 7 is concerned, it never ceases to amaze how Microsoft can keep coming up with this whole "we know what you want" crap. It all started with the infamous paperclip, but it has moved on to the operating system itself. Trying to open several image files in Photoshop Elements from explorer? Don't be daft, it's quite clear I want to print them. Or at least, that's what Microsoft wants me to believe.

On the plus side, it is a perfect companion for Delphi 2009, which has similar annoying features. A try ~ except block? Who'd want that? No mister, it's try ~ finally for you.

As for gardening, it's underwater gardening that's the problem. A healthy fishtank needs plants to keep the water in such a state for fish to live in. If the level of NO2 or NO3 is too high, fish start dying left and right, and guess what? Plants are great for breaking down such chemicals.

And one type of plant is particularly good at absorbing such chemicals, and make the place nice for the fish to live in. But such thoughts are wasted on the feeble minded dwarf Gouramis who seem all too happy to eat the plants.

If only those fish weren't actually bought, but instead could be considered vermin or pests. Than I'd know what to do with the little buggers. Sadly, that's not the case.

Oh well, best keep an eye on things, and hope for the best. It's that, or the U bend...

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