It's snowing. Whilst nice for people that like white christmases (I obviously don't), it's bloody annoying if you need to drive somewhere.

If the snow doesn't cover the road and its surrounding area, making it near impossible to see if you're still on the road, or the wayside, it's already annoying. But soon the snow turns into this gray mushy crap which is slippery. And of course wet, which causes it to freeze. And then you have a thin layer of ice on the road. And that's even slippier.

And with christmas only days away, the roads are already filled to the brim with nobheads who seem to have forgotten how to drive safely. Yes, snow can be fun, provided you can stay indoors with windows and curtains shut, and the heating turned on high. If not, it's bloody awful.

I might learn to love snow some day, but I'm afraid monkeys will have to fly out of my butt first.

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