Welcome to my first "proper" blog. Whilst I don't have a lot to say just yet, I just might in the near future.

So here goes:

The good, the bad and the new couch

Okay, I lied. There isn't a new couch yet, but hopefully I'll soon have one, which'll allow me to lazily lay in front of the TV. No more pulling up my knees for me.

The good - I saw Autumn for the 75th time last night, which is a lot, but not quite enough. Tonight (as in past midnight) I'll be seeing them for the 76th time, and hopefully reach the 100 mark some time next year.

The bad - it's love, or to be more precise not just the lack of it, but the impossibility of the whole thing. I foolishly fell in love again, despite my better judgment and despite my intention not to do so ever again. Will I learn this time that love is not for me? Hopefully? Yes. Likely? Not at all.